There are not many possibilities to download free music via the internet anymore. This is partly because, since 2014, the distribution of illegally acquired music is no longer prohibited, but also the downloading of it.

That does not stop many people from continuing to try to download music for free via the internet. But if you do so, try to do it as safely as possible. So you do not accidentally download viruses and other malware in addition to music.

For the time being, downloading music via YouTube is the safest way to download music for free to a computer, telephone or tablet.

How legal is music download via YouTube?
Downloading free music is often not legal. This also applies to music from popular artists that we download via YouTube. Because when we download music from YouTube is to separate the video and the music via a converter. A converter then converts the music for us to the MP3 format that is well known for digital music. Once the conversion is complete and the mp3 file is created, we can download it to the computer, but also to mobile or tablet.

Moreover, downloading the mp3 music is officially as illegal as downloading free music from the internet but can. In theory, you could even be fined for illegally downloading music. But if you do not make it too crazy and keep the music that you download only for yourself, it will probably not run like that.

But again, downloading music from YouTube is not legal.
This may mean that the ways described in this article to download music from YouTube no longer work from one moment to the next. For example, because the judiciary has determined that the owner of, for example, the software or the website with which music from YouTube can be downloaded can no longer make it available.

Download music from YouTube without software
To be able to download music from YouTube, no separate software is required that you must first install on your computer. Many converters and websites like offer free YouTube to MP3 services with which video can be converted to mp3 are offered via a web application that is built into a web page.

Everything you need to convert a YouTube video to music in mp3 format is a link to the video (permalink) on which that video is located. is such a site that has a web page in which a video to mp3 converter is built.
Downloading music from YouTube via a site like is as follows:

  • Go to YouTube and find the music video that you would like to download.
  • Select the desired music video in the search results.
  • Start playback of the selected song to check its quality.
  • Click in the address bar of the web browser and select the full URL of the music including https: //.

This completes the music download from YouTube and you have a music file in mp3 format on your computer. A music file that contains the music you would like to have.

Generally, files that you download from the Internet will be saved by Windows in the Downloads folder by default. This is also the music file you just downloaded.

A good habit is to consistently collect music files together in the Music folder . This certainly makes it easier to retrieve music that you have downloaded.

Programs for playing music such as Windows Media Player and iTunes also search by default in the Music folder to music that can be added to the library of the program.

MP3 music, and therefore also the music that you download via YouTube, can of course be played on your PC. But you can also put the downloaded music on a USB stick, for example .

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Misty Jhones