Drawing and painting have become more than simply putting a pencil or a paintbrush on paper as a result. It is an art that is done with from the mind, focus and of course, a touch of technology to get a unique design and desired results. Art over the years have upgraded so much but for a creative design like no other, traditional techniques can still be used in modern day art creation. With the inception of watercolor in the art world, there was a new to amazing artwork and the way in which drawing and painting are done. But how does one use watercolor without looking like a "learner"?

Here are a few tips on how to incorporate watercolor into your painting and drawing activities:

• Ensure you Use the Right Tools

For any artist to receive the best results, they must ensure they choose the right tools as this is vitally important to get it right. Your chosen resources may not have to be expensive or over the top but once it is the right selection to use watercolor, then you are good to go. Here are a few tips on how to or which tools to choose:

Brushes: Artificial sable brushes are an excellent choice for this. They are quite affordable and do a good job as if they were "real sable". You may also need to choose varied ranges and round brushes preferably from 2 through 12 along with a slightly larger flat brush. This will give you the ability to work with your design from all angles.
Palette: You need to choose a palette that is able to hold as much of your colors as possible so you can stick to working once started. This palette can also allow for efficient mixing of colors as needed.
Color: There are many brands of watercolor you can choose from and one that is able to fit any budget type you have. Select a brand that offers great budget and quality colors. Choose colors that work well for amateurs, students and professional artists.

• Start with Sketches

To use the watercolor, you can start off with sketches whether from your imagination or from a view you are working with. With the sketches, you can explore what you want to achieve from the art and what you can do with it to make the reality of where your imagination takes you.

• Experiment with your Art

In art, there are no such things as rules but more of tools and ideas that need to come alive. There are so many ways to create an exciting and beautiful painting with a selected watercolor paint from what you thought would have been "nonsense". Have you ever heard of abstract art? Well, your experiment could really turn into such art and make for an excellent piece.

Your experiments could use any color type and what you use means your style and what you are comfortable with. This is a technique that many professional watercolor painters do and have their masterpiece turn into an extraordinary view.

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