The devotion for Lord Krishna is unconditional. All his forms are worshipped worldwide, the most venerated one being his childhood form known as ladoo gopal. It is believed that ladoo gopal even increases in size and show miracles. Lord Krishna is adored in different ways. Dressing up ladoo gopal is one of ways devotees love to venerate him, styling him is an art for the followers. Devotees from around the world dress this little deity every single day and treat him just like their own child.

In several temples of Shri Dham Vrindavan, Krishna’s shringaar is performed after every 4 hours, and in some temple it is done after every hour. Kanha ji ki dress is a sight to behold in many temples of Vrindavan. In the morning hours, before the pooja is conducted, the devotees bathe him and perform his shringaar. Once kanha ji shringaar is done, the pooja starts and all the devotees line up to see the mesmerizing look of Lord Krishna.

It is believed that the colors Krishna adorns is according to the days of the week. In some temples and even in the devotees house, Krishna is dressed up in a particular color according to the day of the week.

Here is a list of days and corresponding colors that Krishna generally adorns:

  • Monday — Soft white color is said to be auspicious color for Mondays. Lord Krishna’s attire is usually white on this day.
  • Tuesday — Even Hanuman Ji is dressed up in orange on this day. It is said that orange color is a sign of being optimistic on Tuesdays.
  • Wednesday — A Gorgeous green color is best for Wednesdays. It denotes peace and calmness.
  • Thursday — On Thursdays, in fact all the deities are dressed up in a bright yellow color. Some devotees even make yellow rice to offer to the Lord on this day.
  • Friday — Dress up your little ladoo gopal in perky Pink color and see the magic it creates.
  • Saturday — Adorn Lord in a beautiful blue color on Saturdays and make his look adorable.
  • Sunday — There is no specific color for this day but you can still dress up your kanha ji in red to give him that piercing look.

Besides adoring the Lord in these colors because of the logic behind it, it is also a good way for the devotees to choose a laddu gopal poshak each day by choosing colors in the order given above. Moreover, every sight of kanha is a sight to behold no matter what color he adorns.

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