Being new to parenthood brings about many challenges, physical and emotional. It’s not a light responsibility to take care of a baby. You need to consider various kinds of factors in order to keep your baby safe and healthy. From feeding, to sleeping, to dressing, you should be aware of how to properly take care of all these aspects. In this article we’ll guide you on how to dress your baby.

Dressing a Newborn

When it comes to dressing a newborn, there are certain factors you need to consider. For example, what clothes to dress the baby in and how to dress them. When you’re putting a vest on your baby, you should put it over the back of the baby’s head and then the face. While taking it off, you should repeat these steps, but backwards. If you’re using a long sleeve shirt, don’t push the baby’s arms. Gently grip onto your baby’s hand from inside the sleeve, and pull it through. 

Clothing in Cold Weather

It’s common sense that you should cover your baby in multiple layers when the weather is cold. Typically, an undershirt or vest should be the first layer. After putting on the diaper, ideally, some warm pajamas would be better suited. Wrapping your baby in a blanket would do the job but just in case you need an extra layer, a sleep suit would be a safe option. 

Clothing in Warm Weather

Preferably, you should dress your baby in one layer of clothing. A loose garment paired with just a diaper would be a decent option. 

How to Dress Your Baby for Bed?

When the time comes to put your baby to sleep, you should be mindful of this basic guideline. To dress your baby in one extra layer of clothing than what you would feel comfortable wearing to bed. Ideally, you should dress your baby in some comfy pajamas. A bodysuit or a sleep sack would also be perfect. 

How to Make Dressing Easier?

Look for clothes with certain features like zips in the front, loose sleeves, no ribbons, and fabric that stretches easily. Loose fitting sleeves can make it easier for you to pull up your baby’s arms. Ribbons or strings can be a safety hazard for your child as they might get wrapped around your baby’s neck and cause choking. Try to get clothes with minimal, or no ribbons and strings. Stretchy fabric clothes avoid the feeling of tightness on the baby’s arms and legs. 

Where to Buy Your Baby's Clothes in Pakistan?

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Important Things to Remember

No matter how adorably you want to dress your baby, you should always keep the comfort of your baby in mind. Dress your baby according to the right temperature and age group. The best thing about Cocobee is that their clothes are extremely comfortable but also super cute!  

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