How many of you have had cataract surgery in the past?

If you are one of those patients, you would always explore the resources for easy and quick recovery after cataract surgery. There are easy and effective recovery ideas that you can choose according to your capability. The Medical Eye Clinic understanding the need of the hour very well.

What is the Recovery Time?

In general cases, the entire recovery tenure depends upon the type of surgery you have undergone. But commonly it takes about a month to for completely healed eyes. In many cases, it has been witnessed that the patient gets impatient after they visualize cloudy and blurry images once the eye shield is removed from their eyes. But they should never be worried about that. According to the experts, it will take some time to restore your eyesight and let your eyes get the images at the right focal length.

Now coming to your case, what are the effective ways for easy recovery after a cataract surgery? Here are some effective tips.

Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes: As your eyes have been operated, it needs proper rest. And when you are offering proper rest to your eyes, it’s important to note that you should not rub your eyes. Apart from rubbing you should even avoid touching them.

No Heavy Lifting: During the recovery mode after cataract surgery, you are always requested to avoid heavy lifting. Reason being, during a heavy lifting, your eyes experience extra pressure that can damage the treatment offers to it and can even result in malfunction.

Avoid Sneezing & Vomiting: Whenever you sneeze or vomit, your eyes experience pressure that is never allowed after a cataract surgery. Because of this, you are not permitted to sneeze or vomit just after your operation. In case you face the sneezing or vomiting problem, you can reach the doctor and get proper assistance to get rid of them and let your eyes relax well.

No Eye Makeup: It is always recommended skipping eye makeup whenever you have undergone cataract surgery. After the surgery, no extra stuff needs to come in contact with your eyes. So, to recover easily and quickly, it’s important to avoid eye makeup.

No Outing in Windy Climate: You are strictly bounded to stay in your home with all the prescribed precautions to protect your eyes from a direct contact from sun and dust. For that, you are also restricted to move out in a windy climate. In many cases, if its damn important to move out, you need to take proper precautions to protect your eyes and keep them protected from dust and direct contact with the sun.

Final Verdict: All in all, it’s important to take care of your eyes and follow the above-mentioned tips for easy and quick recovery. But if you still face uncomfortable situations, it's better to take immediate assistance from the doctors and acknowledge any issue you face further.

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