Is your Google Analytics compliant with CCPA? First forward, ccpa is the California Consumer Privacy Act. You may wonder why you should worry about CCPA while you are miles away from California? Since websites serve global customers, you may have several clients from California. Hence, the act will affect your website directly.
The act came to life on the 1st of January 2020. It is a new act that everyone is trying to adjust to. It should not worry if you have not updated your site. There are just some simple steps you will take. We will discuss the steps you have to take in this article.

What is CCPA Compliance?

It is a cookie policy to protect the personal data of the California citizen. The Law was drafted in 2018 but came into full effect in January 2020.

The Law restricts the website from collecting personal data like the name, email address, IP address, etc. The main aim of the Law is to increase consumer protection and privacy rights to California residents.

What are the Rights Under CCPA?

Right to Information. Site visitors should be told how their data is collected. Also, they should know how the site shares, sells, or disclose their data.
A right view data that is collected in the past 12 months.

Right to have their data erased from the website.
Right against discrimination on services and prices
Right to opt-out from websites that are mishandling their data.

Who Needs CCPA Compliance

CPPA is not compulsory for every website owner. However, if you meet any of the thresholds, you should ensure your GA is ccpa compliant.

You have annual revenue of over $25 million
You generate more than 50% of your income from selling consumer products.

You have access to over 50000 consumers, households, or devices, and you receive, buy, or sell the information.
How to Make GA CCPA Compliant

You can make your GA account ccpa compliant in three easy steps.

Install MonsterInsights

If you do not have the MonsterInsights plugin on your website, install it right away. When you activate the plugin, install the EU compliance add-on. The add-on will allow you to tweak the process and make your GA compliant with ccpa. For instance, it gives the user a chance to browse anonymously. Also, you can disable personal data tracking.

There are plenty of other functions you can perform with the add on. They all aim at protecting the information users feed to your site.

Create an Opt-Out Consent Box

One great thing every user will enjoy is to opt-out from any website. An opt-out box will give them freedom. You have no right to use their data after they have opted-out.

Update Privacy Policy

Update all the policies to meet the condition given by ccpa law.

Consequences of not complying with CCPA

The consequences are few but tough. First, if you violate google ccpa compliance with intentions, you will face a penalty of up to $7500 for every violation. If the offense were by accident, the penalty would not exceed $2000.If the user files a lawsuit, you will be slapped with a fine of $100 to $750 per incident.

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