How to eat healthy foods and having a well balanced diet is one of the most important parts of your life. It can help you a lot in maintaining focus, stamina and personal as well as business success.

This is a common topic.  But, how many of you “take to heart” its actual importance and actually START to eating healthier?  Many may try hard, but, are not able to get it right.  Is it because we do not know how to eat right?  Is there
too much conflicting information out there?  Or we  putting efforts in the right direction..but not sticking with it long enough?

You don’t want to over eat...but you don’t want to starve yourself either. Start to train your mind to think right and avoid both the extremes as both can be harmful.

The trick to success is in being patient.  Develop your own personalized plan on how to eat healthy and  STICK TO IT ! Know that you are developing a plan that you can live with forever.  Not just a quick fix.

Here are 4 Success Methods for Your Long Term Success   

1. Eat smaller meals

It is best to divide your meals in small proportions through the day. The ratio of eating should be correct so that the body is getting the right nutrition while it is not subject to starvation.

2. Eat Whole Foods

Whole foods are a great source of nutrients and dietary fiber which are very important for good health and fitness. So, it is best to use more of whole foods
and less of processed or canned foods in your diet. You will be amazed at how this
“satisfies” you and you stop thinking about food all day long, because what you ate satisfies your body and its needs.  This leaves you clear headed to focus on your business and personal happiness and success.

3. Avoid Processed Foods

Junk foods contain lots of unwanted calories and chemicals that the body will store as fat because it cannot be utilized by the body readily. Even though your prior habits have you cravings these sugary foods, within a week you will be free
of them calling to you. Mark it on your calendar and know that your cravings will be gone in 7 days. Gives you a goal that is achievable and realistic.

4. Get Protein With Each Meal

When you want to learn how to eat healthy for the rest of your life, a consistent protein intake is essential.   Your body needs it for maintenance and muscle buildup and repair. Watch out for  the intake of partially hydrogenated fats and reduce its intake. Concentrate on getting healthy fats such as Olive oil or Flaxseed oil. Do not go total zero fats as this too can have bad effects on health, especially your gall bladder.

Incorporate these simple easy to follow guides on how to eat healthy and you are on your way to a balanced eating plan that will have you soaring up the ladder of success, however you define it. Your food cravings will no longer dictate your success, YOU will!

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With 10 years experience in the weight loss industry, Gretchen shares her fire tested, reality based solutions to your sugar addiction problem. Because she believes: when you conquer the sugar, you conquer the pounds.
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