With the level of unemployment at a 17-year high and the recession meaning that many who are employed are looking for better jobs, there are often hundreds of candidates for each sales job advertised. You might be dreading the prospect of rifling through a stack of CVs or application forms, but you can use this to your advantage and ensure you choose the perfect sales candidates.

To do this you will need to ensure that your job advertisement is accurate, attractive and well-targeted. The main place where sales candidates look is online, and this is where you should focus your sales recruitment process.

Target the best sales candidates

Rather than listing your job on a generic jobs website, why not target your specific audience on a sales recruitment website? The visitors to websites focusing on sales jobs will be specifically looking for a position in a business like yours. Your responses won't be from people who are applying for hundreds of jobs in the hope that someone takes them on, but from driven sales candidates with either a specific background or a specific interest and skills in your field of work. If you are looking for sales staff professionals you are far more likely to find them on a sales recruitment website, and this is where your search should be focussed.

Writing the advertisement

Writing a good online job ad is much more than filling in a form; this is a critical part of the sales recruitment process. It is obvious, but sales candidates are going to be more attracted if you include all the attractive parts of the role which you are offering.

To write a successful advert for sales staff ensure that your advert includes your company name, a search engine friendly job title without abbreviations and remember that advertisements with personality will stay at the front of sales candidates' minds for longer. Define how your sales staff will carry out their duties; whether they are over the phone or in person. Include a salary (and OTEs if applicable) and any other benefits, and describe your perfect member of sales staff to reduce the number of unsuitable applicants. Be as detailed as possible; any doubt in the minds of your potential sales candidates is likely to prevent them applying.

Consider a sales recruitment agency

If you really do not have the time or patience to sift through a stack of application forms or CVs consider handing over this inconvenience to a specialist sales recruitment agency. They will be experienced at finding successful sales candidates with little effort on your part.

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