The Internet is filled with websites who are selling everything from penis extenders to pills claiming to increase the girth and length of your male organ. But do they actually work?

All men want to live a pleasurable sex life and satisfy their partner in bed and for that, they need a long erection. Men are anxious to get it and this anxiety of their leads to the global industry of multi-million-pound that sells male enhancement products. Most of these products that are available online but are not clinically proven.

This article will help you know about some surgical and nonsurgical ways that can help you increase the size of your penis.

Some Precaution to Be Taken Before Enlarging Your Penis

Many men worry about their penis size is too small, but research has shown that most of the men's penis is normal and they needn't be worried about it. Many sexologists have said that if men are worried about their penis size, then they should first visit a health professional and then try something for increasing their penis size.

1.Non-Surgical Ways to Increase Your Penis

Pills and Lotions

Male enhancement pills and lotions are the products that usually contain minerals, vitamins, hormones or herbs that claim to increase penis size faster. Despite these claims, there is no evident or clinical proof that assures these products to be harmless or even effective.

Vacuum Devices

Penis pumps are devices that involve a tube that is placed over your penis and then pumps out the air to create a vacuum. The vacuum creates a pressure that draws blood into your penis making it swell up.

Sometimes, these vacuum devices are used to treat short-term impotence. But overuse of this device can lead to damaged tissues in the penis resulting in weaker erections.

Penile Extenders

This is also a device that involves a small extending frame or a weight that is placed on the flaccid penis to stretch it. The weight placed on your penis is called a traction device. Many professional sexologists say that by using weight on your penis in order to extend it, can cause permanent damage.


Jelqing is an exercise that helps to enlarge your penis size with your hands. It involves your index finger and thumb to repeatedly pull the flaccid penis, aiming of increasing its size. The idea of doing this exercise is to improve the size of your penis by increasing the flow of blood into its tissues.

2.Surgical Ways to Enlarge Your Penis

Penis Girth Surgery

Other than pills and devices, there are different surgical techniques that can help in increasing your penis size. This surgery involves injecting fat into the penis that is taken from your body (some other part).

However, studies who followed men who had gone through this surgery found disappointing results in the long term. It led to many complications that included:


Penis Length Surgery

This next surgery involves cutting of the ligament that is attached with the penis to the pubic bone and then performing a skin graft at its base allowing to that extra length. It has been seen that penile implants can only result in an average increase in length to your flaccid penis, but when erected, there will be no change in the size.


Liposuction is a surgery that helps in removing extra fat from your body. For men who have a large tummy, liposuction helps in removing fat from the abdomen, making the penis look larger. Removing some excess fat from the pubic area makes the penis appear more prominently.

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