When it comes to purchasing school supplies, the pressure is not only on the parents but on their kids as well. You might wonder that since parents are the ones who have to fulfill all the school supplies needs of their kids, what kind of worry could bother the kids. But the truth is that the students are under just as much pressure. Parents worry about the high price of the school supplies and the kids worry about getting all the expensive, in fashion and trendy new school supplies. To achieve a balance between the two parties’ demands compromise, and this does not always come easy. However there are a few ways through which both parties can relieve themselves of a lot of pressure and worrying.
First tip is for kids. It is important for them to understand that even though their parents wants to fulfill all their desires and want them to have the best school supplies, they might not be able to do so. Instead of distressing your parents, it is better to cooperate with them and compromise on a few desires. Prioritize your needs and decide which items you really want and which ones could you compromise on. This will help you buy some expensive school supplies and some cheap ones. A balance will make your parents very happy, while you can also enjoy using a brand new expensive bag that you desperately wanted for so long.
Together parents and kids can also create a few of the school supplies and at the same time enjoy spending a quality time together. Poster boards have a lot of benefits and the old ones can be used to create for a lot of items. If you have to attend a language class, an old poster can be used to make flash cards with color coding. Posters can also be used to make really nice folders that match your personality. All you need are staples and a masking tape to make a personalized folder. In this way your supplies requirements can be fulfilled in not only cheap but also in creative ways.
Parents can also help their kids make new bags from their old vintage clothes. Girls especially love to do this and this activity brings out lot of creativity from the kids. Bags are an expensive item included in the school supplies and hence by using this method, a lot of money can be saved. An old dress, a pair of worn out jeans or even a coat that no longer fits you can be used for making a bag. There are so many ways to create a bag and it can be so much fun. Studs and broken jewelry could also be used to decorate the bag. Other girls could be drooling over your funky bag and no one will care about how cheap the bag actually is.
Another source of getting school supplies are offices. You can get school supplies for free from different offices since they have a lot of items which are branded but are thrown away because they no longer need them. For example, offices regularly use new folders and three-ring binders for presentations but they soon throw them away. If you know anyone who works at such an office, you can ask them to give such items to you instead of throwing them away. It is good to make a list of all the people you know who works in offices and might be able to help you. Do not hesitate to ask since there are a lot of people who prefer making good use out of things instead of putting them in waste.

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