Managing weight is not a simple task. Whether you are trying to shed a few pounds or want to break-free from the clutches of obesity, no matter what your weight loss goal might be, this can only be achieved with the combination of diet plans, exercises and a happy mind. Getting stressed out about your weight will never help, so relax and seek advice from weight specialist to understand what would be best for you.

Losing Unwanted Weight is A Systematic Process

The weight of a human body is strongly influenced by the total amount of energy that it consumes and the energy that it spends in day-to-day activities. This energy is measured in calories. The energy burns through a process termed as metabolism. Your body expends energy to carry out basic functions for survival and this is known as the basal metabolic rate (BMR). If your weight stays constant then this means you are consuming and expending the same amount of energy every day.

Most of the weight loss specialist comprehend to the fact that the intake of calories can control weight to a greater extent. Because the less the number of calories you consume, the more you burn stored energy (glycogen).

Due to genetic conditions, in some people the resting metabolic rate (RMR) is higher than the average, and it should be noted that it is the weight that determines how much you will burn when you are at rest. The work habits and lifestyle, particularly determine how many calories you need to consume per day. People with heavy physical activities would more calories than those with sedentary jobs.

Diet Plans San Diego: How Fast Can You Lose Weight?

Nutritionists and fitness experts emphasize on safe and healthy weight loss rate ranging from one to one & half pounds per week. This is achieved through diet plans San Diego that are specifically designed according to the needs of your body i.e.

  • Basal metabolic rate, the number of calories that you burn
  • Level of physical activity
  • How much weight do you aim to lose

While consulting with professionals at weight loss clinic San Diego the first and the most important thing that they will warn you about is extreme diets or starvation might trigger rapid loss of weight, but such results are unsafe and impossible to maintain.

To lose 1 pound you have to burn at least 3,500 calories and this makes it 500 calories per day. If your diet plan consist of protein-rich, low fat and fibrous foods then you could easily limit the consumption of fats and lose the desired amount of weight in a seamless manner.

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