For those of you who know me and my views on ‘weekend enlightenment workshops’ you will be appropriately shocked by the title of this article, and even more shocked to know that I believe this to be true.

The three minutes are spent in reading this article, which if understood, will in fact deliver on its promise, virtually instant elimination of anger and other associated negative emotions.

After decades of study and exploration, and having met thousands of people who have followed the ‘instant magic to enlightenment and fixing all your problems in a day workshop’ with none having ever achieved the promise that was offered, here I am offering you the very same thing that I have always dismissed as charlatan, with a caveat of course. Nothing comes of its own.

Fragmentation is the key. Now, that is a complex yet simple concept that must be understood for the purpose of this article. You can learn about it on my web site as I have written many articles as well as covered this subject in my eBook All IS Mind which is available on

For those of you who do not know what fragmentation is, I learnt about it from the work of P.D. Ouspensky and his teacher, G.I. Gurdjieff. My teachings of it are very simplified but also, based on the results of my students, still very effective.

Fragmentation is the concept that you are not one single person as you think yourself to be. In fact you are thousands of tiny holographic images of your self. Each little fragment is you with a slightly different opinion or belief about something than that of any other fragment. At any instant in time, one fragment is in control of your consciousness, but only one can be in control at a time.

Since they are all similar but with a very slight difference, you can see this expressed as still being conscious of being you, yet switching moods very quickly or promising to do something in one moment and then realizing that you do not want to do this. It is also expressed in indecision, not being able to choose the red shirt or the blue shirt to wear today.

Fragmentation of our own self can be seen in the concept of humanity and Divinity. In spiritual, mystical and religious teachings, it is said that we, our soul, is a spark of Divine Light. Each of us are a spark of the Light of God. And so, although possessing many of the properties of God, we are each different. This is expressed in the sayings that we are all one, we are all the same, we are all a part of God, etc.

Fragmentation of your mind and Being is the same. Our essential undivided personality when we are born is fragmented and divided as we begin our life and see contradictions that tear us up. Do I listen and agree with my mother or my father when they disagree. Who is right? Our life is a constant battle of differing opinions from every source of information that reaches us, and this results in our opinions and beliefs, essentially our whole consciousness and personality, being fragmented so that we can fit in to a variety of situations and places, dealing with people in a way that they like, or dislike us as our opinions change to suit the situation.

Although this article gives you a three minute promise, that has a prerequisite. Understanding through self exploration and observation, the reality of your fragmentation. With enough time spent on open objective self-observation to discover without any doubt whatsoever that you are indeed a collection of thousands of fragments, each an individual personality, rather than being one unified whole person, and that you have no control over these fragments. Then you will be qualified for the instant elimination of anger and negative emotions.

So we begin with perhaps months or years of self study to acquire this complete understanding and acceptance of our fragmentation, then further effort to work on eliminating fragmentation with the right exercises, and then once it is fully understood, long before it is corrected, which is comforting, you have the power to eliminate negative emotions. And now, how to do this.

Let us jump forward to the time when you are very clear at spotting how fragmentation effects your life. You can see the fragments switching your thoughts and commitments yet still cannot control them to become a consistent person in your thoughts, words and actions. Basically, you are still without self-control or perfect balance, but you clearly see why and how.

At any time that a negative emotion takes hold of your mind and you get angry or frustrated, or perhaps some internal conflict paralyses you in making a decision, if you are aware that the cause of this is one fragment fighting another for control of your consciousness and decision, thus your life and actions, you have seen the true cause of anger. Having discovered the cause, you now have the power to do something about it, which is as simple as recognizing that what is angry in you is NOT you. That is simple, but the act of objectively recognizing and accepting that you are in fact multiple personalities and that there are other little me’s in your head is something you may resist for fear of what other people will think.

When something angers you, the first thing is to see if anyone has a different view than you do. I would doubt that there is anything that gets someone angry that there would not be someone else who sees it differently, even if you do not know them personally. This means that what gets you angry is your opinion of the situation. It is YOUR SUBJECTIVE OPINION and not a statement of universal fact or truth.

Next, you have become aware through the observation of the simple little events in your life when your mood changes due to some tiny factor triggering a mood shift, that each of your fragments have their own opinions, and some fragments have a different opinion than others, yet they are all fragments of you.

Given that as the reality of your being, and that you are a micro reproduction of the macro system, our personal fragmentation happens as does the universal fragmentation of humanity, and on a greater level, the fragmentation of the Divine Light into individual sparks which become human souls, that your opinions are different than another persons opinions, yet being only a fragment of the whole, you do not know the totality of the situation.

Each of your fragments is like a young child who does not understand why the parent says they cannot do something or should do something else. Fragments are just children of the original source and so cannot possibly comprehend the bigger picture.

When you have an issue with something, you will see that within yourself, there may be days when the exact same situation would not bother you, that proves that at the time only a fragment of you is bothered. Further, you know that in the realm of all humans to which you are only a fragment of Divine light, that there will be other opinions of the same situation, and all of this is mixed with the constant reminder that you are just a child and fragment of a greater whole and thus cannot begin to possibly even for an instant know the long term greater reality in the life span of the planet and humanity as a species.

This returns us to the eternal question, ‘why are we here’. One thing is for sure, if we think we know, then we will never find out. If you leave your fragments to rule your life as if they are the parents with great wisdom, then you will never mature to find the answer to that question.

By recognizing that any negative emotion is just a particular fragment that wants to be angry for whatever reasons it justifies, and that by seeing and resisting the emotional swings of this fragmentation you work to unify your being, and that if your being could be unified, it could then work towards unifying with other whole sparks, and thus returning to the greater original whole, only then do you have the chance to understand the reason we are here.

Until then, the child wants the answers to questions it cannot possibly comprehend and if it is let to run wild, your life will be led in circles which never end and never achieve the goal of the reason we are here, which is to unify ourself so that we can find out why we are here.

And that can only happen when we have cut out useless negative emotions which drain our life, waste our time, and accomplish nothing other than getting something that will ultimately become forgotten.

When you are angry ask yourself, ‘Who is angry?’ When you find an answer, then the next question is, ‘Who is asking?’

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