The serious infestations of cockroaches and cockroaches are a common plague in many Italian cities and affect both urban and rural areas, making no distinction between private houses and commercial premises (such as restaurants, hotels, B&B, hostels, etc.) or industrial ones. Because of their high prolification, keeping the presence of cockroaches under control is not an easy task because the sighting of 2 or 3 cockroaches is already a sign of a huge infestation imminent. In this regard, we find out how to eliminate cockroaches in a natural way.

Cockroach Infestation: Natural Deblattisation Methods
The pest control sector is constantly being updated in terms of methods to eliminate cockroaches, always studying new and more effective methods to combat cockroaches quickly and permanently. The products used for chemical deblattization are also undergoing continuous transformation, in order to be increasingly effective against pests and less toxic to humans.

However, although they are extremely effective, chemicals have recently been put on the backburner compared to innovative ecological pest control techniques aimed at protecting and supporting the environment. Under the macro-category of cockroach pest control with natural remedies, there are various sub-categories and schools of thought, all tested and more or less effective depending on the place to be disinfested and the degree of infestation present.

One of the most used ecological methods is certainly the mechanical disinfestation through the use of cockroach traps, all of the different sizes that simply attract the insect inside them and then trap it. We then find the natural disinfestation that is applied using animals, such as geckos and lizards, which feed on cockroaches and cockroaches, freeing our outdoor environments.

Do Lizards Eat Cockroaches?
Lizards and geckos eat cockroaches as their natural predators; the diet of these two species is very varied, feeding on adult insects, larvae and eggs of many pests: among these, we can find flies, mosquitoes, gnats, earthworms, etc..

It can, therefore, be said that entrusting the elimination of cockroaches to geckos and lizards is by no means a folly, resulting in one of the most ecological methods of all, without the use of any product containing chemical agents and no potentially toxic anti-blatting spray.

Does Natural Pest Control Work For Cockroach Eggs?
When cockroaches release egg-filled ootheca, you have to start to worry because the increase in infestation will be imminent: among all the existing control methods there are some dedicated only to the extermination of the early stages of evolution of the insect, this includes eggs and larvae.
The totally natural method of killing, entrusted to geckos and lizards, works very well also for the eggs of cockroach just like for the larvae, of which the small reptiles are particularly greedy.

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