Who would you be and how different your life would be if you could embody a state of absolute self-love? That means loving ALL about yourself: the past, the present, your shadow self, your thoughts (including those you are grateful no one knows about), your mistakes and your emotions.

There is a direct correlation between the degree and depth of your capacity to love yourself and your self-esteem, self-worth, self-valuation, your self-confidence and even your sense of self-power. No wonder why how much you love yourself can have a positive or negative effect on your relationships, your creativity, your ability to create a successful business or excel at any given task.

What then are the most common and influential blockages to self-love?

Guilt and shame- these are the lowest frequency emotions and the greatest blockages to self-love and joy. The frequency of guilt and shame is the exact polar opposite to your Christ or Buddha consciousness.

Fears- the fear of not being good enough and the fear of not being loved are the top two fears in humanity, often created in painful and traumatic childhood experiences.

Idolatry- when you put someone else on a pedestal, whether it is a teacher, mentor, movie star, artist, priest or even an ascended master you immediately diminish your true nature and essence. When you think that someone is holier than you this will produce feelings of unworthiness and undeservedness. True masters and teachers will always see in you the same divine presence they themselves embody and guide, assist and point you in the direction in which you can realize this divine nature that has always dwelled within you.

Unworthiness and undeservedness- these states of mind, often the result of subconscious and unconscious programming will block you from embodying a state of unconditional self-love. If you feel that you don' deserve or that you are not worthy of being happy, successful, in love, etc. then this will be projected onto your holographic reality.

The Absolute Perfectionist Persona- archetypes or personas can be thought of can be thought of as the holographic way that the brain stores an attitude, which then colors our reality and experiences. If you are always trying to be "perfect", often subconsciously to what other people or society would regard as "perfect", then inevitably you will constantly diminish yourself and never feel truly satisfied, content or love your Self. Most people have different archetypes or personas to some degree.

Here is a detailed definition of the Absolute Perfectionist Persona, a most prevalent archetype:

Always striving for the "perfect" solution in order never to find one. "Self-improvement junkies", health club fanatics, food fadders, "new Face / Paradigm" workshop addicts. Never feel ready to commit to accomplish anything much, "because it isn't quite right for me". Forever dissatisfied with something, if not "everything".

Addiction: Self-centered, Independence & perfection;
Goal: Seeks better life
Fear: Depth / discovery
Issue: Running from self
Response: Being true to Inner self
Virtue: Autonomy, ambition.

Inherited Imprints- every person inherits karmic imprints through the DNA at the time of conception and fetal integration form both of their parents. If your parents lacked self-love, then you will most likely walk their karma and because of your hidden loyalty and blind love to them, you will follow their steps and not love yourself. Plus if they had unresolved guilt and shame this will also be passed on to you.

DNA Blockages on the 4th Strand of DNA- many of you know that our DNA template is the form holding blueprint of your multidimensional anatomy and awareness. EVERYTHING manifest from your DNA template. Each strand of DNA, there are 12 strands, corresponds to a chakra and a level of consciousness. The 4th strand of DNA corresponds to the heart chakra. If there are blockages on the 4th strand of DNA then the person will not be able to cultivate and embody the state of unconditional self-love. Due to Earth cataclysms and genetic manipulations that span thousands and millions of years ago every person that has incarnated on Earth was born with blockages on the 4th strand of DNA, thus we can see the effects on the planet where people cannot embody the state on unconditional love and create wars, kill each other and judge and hate one another (a reflection of what is happening within).

A lot of these things may appear "normal" and you probably know many people like this, or can see some of these things in yourself. However "normal" these things may appear, they are not organic or in line with Divine Right Order. They are caused by karmic imprints that affect ones understanding, cognition and interpretation of life experiences.

Some of you might even have the knowledge and awareness of these discordant energy dynamics and karmic patterns yet despite your awareness you continue to experience them and feel like you are stuck in a karmic loop. The reason for this is because sometimes awareness is not enough to energetically transmute the source of these blockages (soul fragments, karmic imprints and DNA blockages).

Author's Bio: 

Gustavo Castaner is relationship coach and founder of AscendedRelationships.com

While undergoing a Masters Degree in psychology, Gustavo Castaner noticed that even though he gained more awareness about the mental and emotional patterns that prevented him from experiencing a happy, conscious and fulfilled relationship, there was a missing link. Awareness was a fundamental step yet in most cases it was not enough to achieve permanent healing, change or success. He intuitively knew that the source of most of his relationship struggles and life dilemmas were found at the soul level and his frequency. For years he embarked on a journey to study from the top relationship experts from a wide range of approaches: psychological, emotional, neurological, family constellations, body language, distance healing and alternative medicine. His unquenchable thirst to master any topic that he focuses upon led him to become an expert energy healer, coach, speaker and seminar leader.

Being adamant when it comes to his own personal development, Gustavo worked on himself for years and was able to break through the heaviest relationship karmic loops, manifest his soulmate and cultivate a higher loving relationship. Not only was he able to achieve this for himself, he was also able to help other people do the exact same thing.