When you think of the future, do you find yourself thinking about the worst things that could possibly happen? Do you worry about things that haven’t happened yet and might never happen? Do you feel the need to be prepared for everything bad that might come your way, no matter how unlikely? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are trapped in a pattern of catastrophic thinking.

Catastrophic thinkers often feel that this way of thinking keeps them prepared for bad things so that they can be ready. They think, “It’s better to know the worst,” and “If I don’t think about what might happen, how will I be able to handle it if it does happen?” Catastrophic thinking gives them a sense of safety and security.

But if we look closer at the habit of catastrophic thinking, we see that it does not in fact keep us any safer or happier; in fact, it harms us and makes it harder for us to act in beneficial ways.

In order to demonstrate this point, I would like to go through a quick exercise with you. Put yourself in a catastrophic mindset about something. It can literally be about any even that you fear or are worried about at all. Now, once you are in this mindset, take a moment to notice how you feel emotionally and physically. You will probably feel some or all of the following:

• Tense
• Anxious
• Nervous
• Worried
• Afraid
• Helpless
• Vulnerable
• Drained of energy
• Overwhelmed with dread
• Sad
• Heavy
• Bleak
• Hopeless
• Weak
• Etc

Does this feel healthy? Or does it feel toxic? Chances are you would say that it feels toxic.

Now think about sometime when you were safe and protected. Did you feel any of these negative emotions?

Your catastrophic thinking is not healthy, and it does not actually protect you. Let this realisation sink into your consciousness: catastrophic thinking does not protect you. It harms you.

Now notice how you feel inside.

Go back to the catastrophic thinking you accessed earlier and see if you can re-connect to it now. You will probably find that it is difficult to access, and that you don’t even want to.

This was a short example of the Mind Resonance Process ® (MRP). This is a method that has been developed over 12 years of study and research, and is proven to free you from the negative patterns that keep you from living your best and fullest life today. If you would like to personally experience how MRP can change your life forever, visit my website below where you can request a free introductory telephone/Skype coaching consultation.

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