Depression can ruin your life and hinder your progress if it lasted for a long period of time. It’s completely ok to feel down for few days or to have bad moods every now and then but if depression visited you and refused to leave then you must take certain actions to push it away quickly before it affects your life badly.

In this post I will tell you about 7 very powerful methods that can help you get rid of depression.

1) Know the root cause and deal with it: Depression doesn’t come out of the blues but it happens for a reason which is usually the loss of hope in getting something that you badly wanted. Unless you find the root cause for your depression you might waste a lot of time fixing the wrong issues and so remain depression

2) Restore hope: Depression is the opposite of hope. If you managed to restore hope in getting that thing you lost your depression will disappear. Let’s suppose that you became depressed because you started a business that failed. As soon as you start a new business that might work your depression will ease. Restore hope and your depression will disappear.

3) Do something: The reason most people stay depressed for prolonged periods is that they wait for things to improve on their own or even wait for the white knight that will show up one day to save them. When dealing with depression consider yourself that white knight. Unless you start developing plans and working towards your dreams once again you will remain depressed

4) Get exposed to sunlight: Sounds strange huh? One of the facts few people know is that sunlight stimulates the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone. When the body is low on Serotonin you will feel irritated and even depressed. While getting exposed to sunlight is a perfect method to feel good still that won’t help you treat depression completely unless you follow the previously mentioned advice.

5) Stop thinking about limitations and think about possibilities: Forget about previous failures, things that you have tried before and the methods that never worked and focus on doing things differently. If you want to get what you have never had then you should do what you have never done before. Being stuck in the past and thinking over and over of previous failures is one of the main reasons many people remain depressed. By shifting your mindset to possibilities instead of limitations you will be able to move on and get over your depression.

6) Surround yourself by supportive people: All researches have shown that getting support from supportive people can ease depression and help the depressed person feel better. Some people do the exact opposite whenever they find themselves depressed. They lock themselves in their rooms and stop talking to the ones who might be able to give them support and ease their depression.

7) Know that depression has an end: under the effect of the bad mood they are experiencing some people believe that they were destined to remain like that forever. We humans tend to assume that bad things will persist while in fact they never do. If you started applying the previous advice then your depression will start to ease and you will eventually get over it. If you are depressed today then you can never be sure that you will be depressed tomorrow.

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