Banking industry is growing vast with every passing year and it is making huge success. This has made it one of the top career choices of the youth. One of the major advantages for students applying in this field is that no specific academic stream is given prefrence by the banking industry. Candidates from all backgrounds, science, commerce or arts can apply for bank jobs. This year, IBPS, one of the major recruitments for the bankign industry is offering a large opportunity to the aspiring candidates for the post of bank po or bank clerk. It is called the common written exam (CWE) which will be conducted in 2011. It is a large scale programme which will recruit candidates in large numbers for the top notch public sector banks in India. However, due to a larger number of participants, competition will be tougher. For this, one needs to work very hard and prepare the syllabus well. Following are some basic tips which can enhance your performance in the exams:
The common written exam (CWE) will not merely focus on your textual knowledge, but give major preference to candidates with a good general knowledge. It can be your winning edge in the exam.
Vocabulary will also be tested in the exam. This means, you need to read good books, magazines and work hard in learning new words.
Practicing is very important. Merely studying the syllabus is not sufficient you need to practice it. Model question papers will be available in the internet or the behind the books provided to you.
Studying from the prescribed books will not be enough due to the large competition. Supplementary notes can help you perform better and score higher than the other candidates.
There will be questions on logics and quantitative ability, resort to a good coaching institute to gain proper knowledge. A professional help can enhance your performance in a much better manner.

Following these tips can higher your scores, provided you work hard on your own. It is a big opportunity offered by IBPS and merely desiring it will not help you get it. You have to earn these posts offered by IBPS through hard work and commitment.

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