What if there was a way that you could enhance both your mind and your energy levels?You may have tried countless ways to achieve this, but haven’t found the right nutritional ingredients until now.

In this newsletter I will briefly mention a few ingredients or nutrients that are worth investigating on your own that maybe very beneficial to your overall health.

These nutrients are commonly found in our daily food and can be purchased separately or as a blend from your local health store. These nutrients will not only Hydrate your Body but also Enhance your Mind with the ability to boost brain power. What's amazing is that you can improve your energy levels without the use of stimulants like caffeine and that is why a combination like this is so much different.

D-Ribose is responsible for enhancing cellular energy within the body, and helping to produce ATP or adenosine triphosphate for increased vitality. ATP works to transfer energy throughout our body. In a healthy person, Ribose is produced naturally and adequately to meet your energy needs. Without proper Ribose your body will have low energy production which results in fatigue and insufficient energy recovery after activities.

Potassium Bicarbonate is an electrolyte needed for hydration. It helps maintain the normal levels of acidity (pH) in blood, helps with the regulation of heartbeat and muscle function. Potassium helps prevent muscle cramping and is important for building muscle tissue.

Magnesium L-Threonate is a key factor for brain health and the only magnesium compound that helps enhance magnesium levels in the brain to boost working memory, which helps with high-speed decision making. This provides a fruitful day at work, in the gym, or just doing daily activities.

Another key nutrient is Alpha GPC and is a source of choline found in lecithin, vegetables and eggs. A-GPC promotes the activation of protein kinase in the brain and is able to improve attention spans so you can be focused throughout your workouts and performances. In addition, A-GPC will formulate new growth hormone for maintaining your youth, vitality, and body composition. With its ability to oxidize fat cells, A-GPC can promote healthy weight management, so you can live a long and happier life.

Betaine or TMG is a dietary ingredient found in spinach and sugar beets, it is an amino acid/pro-vitamin type nutrient that has shown to benefit the health of your heart, kidneys, skin, brain and liver. It helps to maintain cell structure, and protects the cell to withstand de-hydration stress giving you the ability to consistently maintain muscle. TMG is also a methyl group donor and is able to lower plasma homocysteine levels, which plays an important part in promoting long-term wellness.

To keep you calm and focused the amino acid L-Theanine is naturally found in green tea. It is beneficial in relieving symptoms of mental stress and social anxiety. In addition it boosts brain dopamine - which is one of the “feel good” neurotransmitters.

For detailed information about achieving better health with the use of these ingredients and how you can Hydrate your Body and Enhance your Mind please visit us at Kiojo.com

Author's Bio: 

Jim Holcomb is the founder and creator of the Kiojo Company and Fortechealth.com. He is a researcher and entrepreneur that has spent many years acquiring knowledge and information with regards to functional nutrition and frequency resonate technologies that help increase cellular hydration, longevity and brain health. His mission statement is “To inspire passion and purpose in your life by providing superior nutritional products and related services to enhance your body and mind.” About Jim Holcomb