Ever wonder how to enjoy life? This month we continued our focus on living out our life’s purpose. Discovering your purpose can seem rather daunting, but once you’ve got a direction, it can be even more difficult to stay focused and not allow obstacles to get in your way!

Let’s face it. Our lives are busy. Anyone disagree? We make thousands of choices each and every day. But the key lies in making the right choices. One obstacle we didn’t cover was numbness.

What do I mean by numbness? It’s that sense of just going through the motions without much thought. I get up and do today what I did yesterday. Why? Well, because it’s what I do! Too many of us are on autopilot like that. We just go from day after day without really reflecting on whether we’re going anywhere.

This is the stuff mid-life crises are made up of. You suddenly wake up and wonder, “How did I get here!? This was never part of the plan!” By the time you read this, I’ll have roughly 2 weeks left in my 30’s. Yep – that’s right – the Big 4-0 is just around the corner.

Those decade birthdays are great for making you reflect aren’t they? So I began asking myself questions about how to enjoy life in my 40’s. It really comes back full circle to all the steps in the Vibrantly Live System™

1. I need to be clear on what’s truly important to me and why. My faith and my family are of highest priority. As long as I make decisions through the lens of those priorities, I will enjoy life.
2. Take care of myself and making sure I’m healthy & fulfilled is required in order to enjoy life with my family.
3. I’m super clear that my life purpose revolves around bringing joy to others and helping maintain strong families. So to enjoy life, I’ll need to find ways to express both of these regularly.
4. Developing meaningful relationships with the ones I love flows through every other aspect of my life so there would be no way to enjoy life without nurturing those relationships.

All of those were easy to see. It always is as long as you’re being intentional with your everyday. Avoid the numbness. You may be wondering, “How?” It’s different for each of us. I remember having a sign in my bathroom for many years asking “How can I show love today?” I’m visual so I’ve used visual reminders in lots of ways. So, how ‘bout you? What works for you? Share your very best “how to enjoy life” ideas.

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