How To Enlarge Dick Size: What Will Make My Dick Bigger

Your male organ called the penis is also your pride and joy. You cannot deny the fact that the longer and thicker your penis is, the more confident you are. Therefore, you can conclude that male self-confidence and penile size are related. If you feel discontented with your penile size especially the length, you might find yourself feeling embarrassed and ashamed. You might begin to question your capacity to please a woman and the level of your self-confidence will eventually dwindle. To boost your self-confidence and get you back in the game you might need to undertake some radical measures to help you deal with your insecurities regarding your penile length.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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You do not have to live in seclusion just because your penile length is not as impressive. In fact, there are many things that you can do in order to increase your penile length.

a. Exercise - You can perform two types of penile lengthening exercise. One involves stretching your penis with the use of a penile extender. You attach this device to your penis enabling it to exert traction on your organ. The traction will stretch your penis causing the cells to multiply and expand at the same time. The cell multiplication will help increase your penile length. Moreover, studies have shown that the longer you wear the extender the longer your penis can get.

Another type of penile lengthening exercise involves the use of weights called weight hanging. For you to be able to hang weights from your penis you will need to attach the weights to a hanging device that will cover or wrap around the glans penis. Once the weights are in place, it is now time for you to try to raise the weights off the ground. This action will help the penile tissues to stretch allowing your penis to elongate more.

b. Pills - If you find the traditional way of penile lengthening grueling then a modern and more convenient option is available for you. Penis enhancement pills are pills you can take if you want to increase the length of your penis with ease. These pills contain compounds that can help the penile tissues extend and expand on a cellular level thus increasing your penile length. However, like any other medications you need to take these pills as instructed.

With these solutions to penile length problems, you do not have to worry about having short penises anymore. Increase it's length and get ready for throngs of women coming after you.

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Penis enlargement workouts tend to have different effects on a man's manhood and the pelvic area's surrounding tissue. You may be surprised to know that some penis enlargement workouts affect more than the penis, as well. Kegel exercises, for example, can strengthen and condition the PC muscles at the same time.

Generally speaking, these PC muscles make up the pelvic cavity floor, which supports a lot of pelvic organs. They can be found behind the scrotum and are in charge of the contractions that you feel whenever you ejaculate and urinate. To find out where these muscles are, just stop the flow of your urine before you actually finish urinating. You should feel a bit of a contraction while doing this.

Doing penis enlargement workouts that exercise these PC muscles can benefit sexual function in various ways. For starters, developing these muscles can give you stronger erections by improving the circulation of blood in your manhood. If you tend to lose the firmness of your erections after having sex for a while, then these exercises can help them regain both firmness and strength whenever you are in bed with someone.

After doing these penis enlargement workouts, you will also notice more gains in both penile girth and length. Just think about it this way: whenever you flex your erection and see the tip of your penis expand a little bit or turn darker, this can be attributed to the PC muscles letting more blood circulate in your penis.

So, if you follow various penis enlargement workouts on a regular basis and improve on the flexibility and strength of your manhood in the process, you can improve your erection quality, reduce impairment from impotency, and make sure your penis is always full and upright when you want it to be.

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Another benefit that you can enjoy from exercising your PC muscles would be ejaculation control. Basically, whenever you have to ejaculate, these muscles will contract and withdraw semen from your urethra. By controlling these muscles, you should have no trouble responding to your body whenever it starts to ejaculate and orgasm, either. Additionally, once your PC muscles are stronger, they will contract and become more assertive during orgasms, thus making the experience much more pleasurable for you as a whole.

As you can see, the PC muscles play a huge part in the improvement of sexual function, so make sure you don't overlook PC muscle exercises when looking into natural penis enlargement.

As mentioned earlier, though, the most vital one of these exercises would be the kegel exercise, which can strengthen your PC muscles the most. While there are a lot of different ways to do this exercise, the most basic one would be enough to reap all of the benefits mentioned earlier in this article.

There is also the penis squeeze exercise that you can look into, which involves bending the penis and relying on slight contractions to send more blood into your manhood. This particular exercise is incredibly specific, though, and would require a lot of expertise in order to be done properly and safely. Overall, however, this exercise can expand penile girth and help bring about wider, fuller and thicker erections.

In fact, after just a few weeks of doing this exercise properly, you will already be able to see a difference in the size of your penis. Ideally, you should combine different types of penis enlargement workouts, so that your manhood won't get used to a single one. Combining these exercises will also help you add more inches to your penile girth. However, try to remember that advanced exercises could be harmful if you don't know what you're doing. Always stay safe!

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This article is the ultimate beginner's guide for any man who wants to look into penis enlargement workouts. This article is basically here to help men start mastering penis enlargement workouts and maximizing their efforts within a short time span of two months.

First and foremost, you should know that less intensive penis enlargement workouts are better. If you have already looked for workout routines before, you should have seen the different procedures and methods that exist on the World Wide Web. If you haven't, then you need to know that the majority of these regimens aren't very safe. This is because they do not emphasize on the most important rule of penis exercises: they all require proper technique in order to work safely and properly.

That's right. Technique can make a huge difference when it comes to penis enlargement workouts. After all, technique will dictate just how effective certain exercises will be, how safe will they be, and how often or how long they need to be done. This article will basically introduce you to the basics, so that you can take intermediate and advanced programs into consideration with peace of mind.

For your first week doing penis enlargement workouts, every exercise will be very easy. Just do the routine below every other day and make sure you get enough rest in-between each day. To start, do a 10-minute warm up to make your manhood more flexible and more nimble. By doing this, you can actually lower your risk for injury and make sure every repetition counts in the long run.

After the warm up, do 6 minutes of stretching. Start by doing a basic stretch first and then slowly increasing the intensity during the first week. After that, keep going in the same manner throughout the rest of the two months.

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Once the stretching is done, jelq for 10 minutes to send more blood into your penis while you stroke it. This will help you gain more in terms of both penile length and girth. The good news is that jelqing is very easy to do and will come in handy throughout the entire time span of your treatment.

Truth be told, jelqing was created to encourage the penis to grow on cellular levels. In other words, if done properly and with enough rest in-between, jelqing can actually help with cellular expansion. This will give erectile tissue the necessary time to heal, so that healthy and strong cells can duplicate and tissue can be manipulated.

As time goes by, you should slowly increase your routine's intensity, though. You can do this by slowly increasing pressure with your stroke and grip intensity when doing lengthening exercises, stretches and jelqs. This will help you see the gains faster. Try to increase your jelqing time to 10 or 15 minutes and your stretching time to 5 to 10 minutes, for example. Keep in mind that this process should be slow and steady, though.

Another thing to remember is that the order of your workouts matter. Stretching is supposed to loosen the tissue in the penis and help the exercises bring about more positive results. This is why you should do the stretches right after your warm up. Once you have gotten comfortable with your routine, try to find a new one that will suit your lifestyle and your needs. Ideally, you should invest in a professional program when it comes to this. It would definitely be worth both your time and money to invest in proper penis enlargement workouts that are guaranteed to bring about results in the end. Don't resort to harmful products and penis enlargement devices, though!

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Not being big enough down there but trying to fake it just to impress your partner is a big NO-NO! But that does not mean you have to bear the embarrassment of having a penis that is smaller than the other guys. There are quite a number of ways which can help you go about increasing the size of your manhood. And although it may take a little bit of physical effort on your part, exercising your penis is definitely one of the best choices you can make today!

But why exercise - especially when there are plenty of stuff like devices and medication which promise to be able to make your male organ enlarge by several additional inches?

Let me ask you this: why spend hundreds of your hard-earned dollars on these items when you can get just about the same results (maybe even better results) by simply exercising your penis using your hands?

You actually have no reason to doubt the effectiveness of doing exercises to make your male organ naturally grow bigger. Especially since medical researchers have already vouched for the fact that exercising can help stimulate your penis into gradually gaining physique - and eventually remaining bigger in size for good.

The science behind this particular male enhancement technique is pretty simple and logical. The stretching and massaging actions you perform for the exercises help to force a large amount of blood into the main chambers within your male organ. Slowly but surely, this causes the chambers to grow in order to allow more blood to store in them.

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By letting this happen, the tissue surrounding these main blood chambers also expand bit by bit. And as you regularly practise these exercises, your penis will ultimately also transform into a bigger size, and stay permanently bigger too.

Even more wonderful is the fact that exercising your penis to make it bigger is not a complicated process at all. The routines which you need to perform on a regular basis, although is manual work, are very simple actions which take about a few minutes each - all in all, you should only take about 30 minutes to perform all the exercises.

Take for example one of the stretching exercise involved. The only thing you need to do is to just hold your penis by its head, and simply stretch it outwards as much as you can (comfortably of course). Hold the stretch for about 15 seconds and let go, and then repeat for several times each day.

It's that easy!

I am pretty sure you will agree once you learn to do all the exercises involved. And from then on, it only depends on your determination in order to eventually see your penis grow significantly bigger and size, and transform yourself into a more sexually attractive YOU!

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