How To Enlarge Your Penis: Easy Penis Enlargement

If you really need your penis to become larger, you must apply hand exercises. These are elongation and jelqing exercises only. The results of these methods have beaten down all the others. You are also obliged to be attentive of your entire body's health and use special herbs as well.

Hand exercises are the natural penis enlargement techniques believed to be the mightiest, best private method, time savers, safe and most effective when properly applied.

Do not try to enlarge your penis using weights or pumps. These techniques are not only unsafe but also time wasting. Remember you do not have a spare penis and you should be very careful with it.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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Hand exercises alone can yield an increase of inches lengthwise or in girth in a certain interval of time. You can only achieve this if you stick to the exercise tirelessly besides having the right skills to do it.

You do not need to go to a school to learn about hand exercises. You only need to watch videos with these workouts. As strange as it sounds, believe me it is going to work for you and you will realize the results that you want.

Natural penis enlargement techniques are not as simple as they may sound. Sometimes, you will even require a place to do some consultations.

Therefore, you should search for an established penis enlargement series taking into consideration all the qualities stated in this article. The best way of applying natural penis enlargement techniques is looking for a professional who you can ask various questions on the parts that you do not understand.
With these, you are going to achieve even a whole inch in the first few weeks and the rest of the inches will come by slowly.

In order to achieve maximum results with natural penis enlargement techniques, you should ensure that you are in good health by:

• Getting around four cardiovascular coaching workouts in a week.
• Refraining from smoking.
• Not taking alcohol excessively.
• Taking a healthy diet without junk foods.

Lastly, it is important that you avoid use of pills in your penis enlargement exercise because they usually do not yield the best results. The best things to take advantage of are the verified enlargement herbs and their complements like ginseng, ginger, ginkgo, fish oils, cayenne, garlic and arginine. These are very powerful products. If you are going to apply all these natural enlargement techniques, you will experience wonders with the size of your penis.

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Almost every man is after making his penis bigger naturally. Unfortunately, it is not every man who knows how to do it. You should not be worried because the methods in question are now available without difficulties.

In this article, you will get to understand the various ways of making your penis bigger naturally. That is, increasing both its length and girth.

Here are essential facts you should know about before you commence your exercises.

• The average size of a penis is 5.9 in length but you will find that most of men are below 4 inches.
• 1 out of 10 men above 40 years experience impotence in a certain period of their lives.
• Every year, a large number of men look for psychosomatic help regarding their penis sizes.
• Serious men in need of a larger penis can attain enhancements with penis sizes.

You need to understand that you need to improve your blood flow in the penis in-order to increase your penis size naturally.

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Here are some methods of making your penis bigger naturally:

Exercise plays a vital role in increasing the size of your penis. These exercises consist of warm up that is vital in elongating the penis and cool down as well.

To get the size you desire, you need to perform consistent exercises and these will take a lot of time and effort. Only those men who are ready to commit their time to it can achieve maximum results with this method.

These exercises are for preparing your penis to take more blood inside the penis and this automatically results to harder erections thereby achieving a bigger penis.

To make your penis bigger naturally using exercise, you require a primary enlargement exercise referred to as jelq. This consists of a regular and sluggish outward pulling relocation that allows extra blood to go into and across the penis.

Several exercises can help you to make your penis bigger naturally. When you perform these exercises repeatedly, you will be able to increase the width of your penis as well because of the large amount of blood flowing through it.

Some men will find these exercises interesting and enjoy performing them while others will opt to have other risky methods of enlargement that will consume little of their time. However, you ought to remember nothing good comes easy. So if you are willing to sacrifice a few weeks of your time, you will be amazed how you could transform your penis into a monster.

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There are various penis enlargement exercises out there that you can look into if you want to give your penis massive benefits while enlarging it at the same time. Some of these penis enlargement exercises include squats and squeezing.

One of the best penis enlargement exercises to date, though, would be dry milking or jelqing, which is considered to be the better option compared to its wet counterpart because it isn't sexually stimulating in any way. That aside, dry milking is also very subtle and convenient, so you can do it anytime that you want and at any place that you want. You can do it before bed, for example, or after taking a hot shower.

Another great thing about dry milking is that it isn't messy at all, so you won't have to worry about cleaning up after doing your exercises. As such, whenever wet milking is an inconvenient option for you at any time, you can simply turn to dry milking as its alternative for the time being.

The main goal of dry milking is to send more blood into the penile area using repetitive motions that will force that blood in there as quickly as possible. To start this particular exercise, simply give yourself a semi-erection and then create an OK sign with your hand by touching your thumb and forefinger together.

Keep in mind that the semi-erection is absolutely vital when doing this exercise. Also, keep your grip strong at all times and avoid rubbing your fingers onto your penile skin.

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Once your OK sign is ready, firmly grip the base of your manhood and gently slide over the penile skin and pull it out. Make sure your grip isn't too tight when it comes to this and make sure you loosen the grip as you go back to the penile base and pull it out again. After working on the base for a while, you can then move to the center part of the penile shaft and do the same penis enlargement exercises from there. Keep doing these repetitive motions for as long as you want.

If your erection gets a bit too hard at any point, simply take a break or stop doing the exercise completely until your erection goes away. Conversely, if you seem to be on the brink of ejaculation at any point, focus on resisting the urge and not ejaculating.

One of the things you can do to get rid of a full erection or the need to ejaculate would be to shake your penis from side to side. A lot of men choose to swing their penis from side to side, so that it slaps against their legs and makes the aroused feeling go away.

Either way, these penis enlargement exercises can help stretch the suspension ligaments and tissue of the penis to lengthen it and make it grow. When done properly, you should start to see significant results from this exercise within a month's time.

One of the most popular variations of dry milking is to do it in bed. To do this, simply lie down, bend your knees and then pull your penis onto each leg. While this may tire out your arms in the process, don't worry too much. This will merely ensure that you don't just get a bigger penis out of it, but stronger hands, too.

Ideally, you should do your penis enlargement exercises as many times as possible. Even though your manhood might get tired from this, it will make your exercises much more effective in the long run. And let's face it: a bigger penis will help you enjoy life much better. Just wait for it.

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A lot of men blindly jump into penis enlargement and do the necessary exercises to enlarge their manhood without really thinking about anything else. However, how will you know if your penis enlargement exercises are actually working if you don't measure your penis first? Find out how to properly measure your manhood here, so that you can keep track of your results and figure out which exercises are the most effective ones for you.

Flaccid Length

There are various reasons why accurately measuring penile length and girth while the penis is flaccid is quite hard. For starters, the flaccid penis tends to vary in size by nature because of various environmental conditions. So, if you want to measure your flaccid length properly and keep proper track of your gains, it would be best to keep your environment similar every time you measure yourself. This means staying in a room that is roughly the same temperature every time.

Having said that, flaccid gains tend to be the most notable gains in penis enlargement. They are also the most obvious ones that pop out first. So, if you really want to motivate yourself in the world of penis enlargement, flaccid gains would be the most vital measurements to take. In order to get the most precise measurement possible out of this, pull out your flaccid penis, so that it is horizontal to the floor and then lightly place the end of your ruler against the pubic bone. From there, simply measure outwards to the head of the penis.

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Erect Length

As with other measurement practices out there, it would be vital not to make any measuring pattern or method variations in the world of penis enlargement; otherwise, your results will be completely irrelevant in the end. To properly measure your erect penile length, simply hold your manhood in one hand and your ruler in the other hand. Then, lightly place the end of your ruler against the pubic bone and simply measure outwards. Make sure you do this as accurately as possible, though. Overstating your actual penile size will most likely just demotivate you in the long run.

Flaccid Girth

When measuring flaccid penile girth, it would be vital to do so from the exactly right penile position. Usually, statistics differ greatly, depending on where you start measuring your penis from. In order to get the most accurate results possible, it would be best to measure from the middle of your penis. With that in mind, simply pull out your manhood until it is horizontal to the floor as needed. After that, hold your manhood in a direction parallel to the floor. Once there, grab your tape measure and wrap it around the middle of your penis. Make sure you don't pull on the tape measure too strongly when it comes to this, though.

Erect Girth

Before you measure your erect penile girth, you will have to give yourself a full erection first. Once you are ready, simply hold your manhood in a direction parallel to the floor. Once there, grab your tape measure and wrap it around the middle of your penis. Make sure you don't pull on the tape measure too strongly when it comes to this, though.

It would be important to note that not a lot of men actually require penis enlargement to begin with. For most men, this journey is simply something to boost their ego, to get rid of their insecurities and to provide them with better satisfaction in bed. Generally speaking, the average penile girth of a man stands at 5 to 5.5 inches. So, if your penis is near that bracket, you actually really have nothing to worry about.

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