How To Enlarge Your Pennies With Your Hands: How To Make Your Penis Bigger Fast With Your Hands

One can increase penis size by just using bare hands. There are several exercises out there which could be done at the comfort of your own room. These exercises promise to return satisfactory results in less than 2 months depending on how often it is done. Here are some exercises that you can do to enlarge your penis with just your bare hands as your tool.

Ligament Stretch- The ligament stretch is simply pulling the penis to its maximum yet comfortable limit using your forefinger and thumb and grabbing the head. This exercise has to be done when the penis is flaccid or limp as this would require pulling the penis is all directions for the tissues to be developed to its new length. Remember that you don't pull the penis too much so as tissues and sensitive nerve endings will not be damaged.

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Kegel Exercise- This exercise not only increases a male's erection, it also gives the penis additional size by increasing its length and girth. You do this exercise by sitting on a little ball the same size as a tennis ball. While sitting, contract your anus and hold the contraction for seven seconds then release. Start by doing 50 contractions lasting for seven seconds and gradually increase as you get used to the exercise.

Hanging Towel- This is a safe exercise to do by hanging a wet towel on an erect penis. The idea of the wet towel is for the penis to get used to the weight thus exercising the muscles and tissues surrounding it. If done often, the penis will be stronger, thicker and longer. Masturbate until penis becomes very hard, hard enough to support the weight of the wet towel. Let the wet towel stay hanging over the penis for seven seconds, then rest. After about three minutes, you are again ready to hang the wet towel. Repeat this step for 10 times and gradually increase the number of repetitions as the penis gets used to the weight of the wet towel.

Milking Technique- Start this exercise by either taking a warm shower or putting a warm wet towel over the penis. You have to be sure that your both hands and penile area are well lubricated. Stroke the penis until it becomes semi erect. Encircle the base of the shaft using your thumb and forefinger while gripping it tightly. Retaining the firm grip, firmly slide your hands up until it reaches the head. Continue the process with the other hand.

Ballooning Technique- Just like the Milking technique, you begin this exercise by either having a warm bath or putting warm towel over the penis. Make sure that you lubricate your hands very well. Perform the milking technique until point of orgasm. The idea is to control and stop when you are close to orgasm. Stop before the point of orgasm three times before you finally decide to release. This will develop the spongy tissue beneath the shaft.

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As with other kinds of exercises out there, doing a warm up penis enlargement exercise before the actual exercise routine would be extremely vital. A warm up exercise will send more blood into your penis, after all, and in turn make sure that the ligaments and tissues in your penile shaft are supple enough to deal with the stresses of the actual exercises afterwards.

If you compare this to weight training, it would be like this: you won't do heavy bench presses with high reps without doing a few lighter sets with high reps, would you? Doing this will put your muscles at risk of injury. Plus, you won't benefit from the workout as much in the end. You might even end up feeling sore the next day and hinder your overall progress at the same time.

Like your other muscles, your penile muscles need to acclimatize to exercise first. This is why it has to be properly prepared with a warm up penis enlargement exercise before the actual routine begins. Fortunately, there is one incredibly easy warm up penis enlargement exercise out there that you can look into to get the job done and the best part is that it won't take much effort on your part to do it.

The Warm Towel Warm-Up

The easiest warm up penis enlargement exercise involves getting more blood flowing into the penis with the help of a wet and warm towel.

All that you have to do when it comes to this is soak a towel into some hot water, wring it and wrap it around your penis and your testicles, fully covering them all. This might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but that feeling should subside pretty quickly. Just make sure you don't use scalding hot water on your towel.

Keep in mind that your goal here is to simply warm up the penis, not get third degree burns in the process; so make sure your towel's heat feels comfortable at all times.

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Keep the towel wrapped around your manhood for around 2 minutes before removing it and soaking it back into the hot water and wrapping it around your manhood all over again. Do the same thing for another 2 minutes.

Two applications are usually sufficient in sending more blood into your penis and prepping it for the penis enlargement exercises ahead. However, if your penis still doesn't feel warm and engorged with blood after two applications, feel free to keep re-applying more hot water until it is ready to go.

To figure out if your penis is ready for your exercise routine, take a quick look at it. If it looks bigger - the same way that it would look after a hot bath - and if the veins on it are more prominent, then it is probably ready to go. You can also try stretching your penis. If it feels suppler, then you're ready to dive into a productive and completely safe workout.

In a nutshell, all that you will need for this easy warm up penis enlargement exercise is a small towel, some hot water, your hands and your manhood. Wring out the water when you're ready and wrap the towel around your penis and testicles and hold it in place for around 2 minutes. Repeat this procedure as needed, holding the towel in place for around 2 minutes each time until your manhood is ready.

Please keep in mind that this guide is merely a basic introduction to penis enlargement exercises. While it may help you understand how to prepare your penis for actual enlargement, you will still need to look into proper penis enlargement exercises in order to see any gains in the long run.

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Believe it or not, penis enlargement stretching exercises are just as important as the actual exercise plan. After all, these exercises can add more length to your manhood, whether in its flaccid or erect state.

Penis enlargement stretching exercises basically stretch the ligaments that connect your manhood to your pubic bone in a gradual manner in order to lengthen it. If you have ever done research on penile surgery, then you should know that this procedure involves cutting those ligaments. This is because those ligaments actually act as harnesses, which keep the important parts of the penis hidden inside of the male body.

So, if you look at your manhood right now, all that you are actually seeing is merely the tip of the iceberg. The truth is that your penis extends for around 4 more inches behind your pubic bone. What a lot of people believe is that if those ligaments are cut during penile surgery, the inner part of your penis will move forward and come into full view. This isn't exactly the case, though.

Truth be told, cutting those ligaments through surgery could result in even more penile issues, the main one being that scar tissue will develop internally while the penis tries to heal itself. Scar tissue is generally very tough and tends to shrink, too. This means that the inner scar tissue may counteract the effects of cutting those ligaments by pulling your penis back into your body.

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As such, it would always be a much better choice to stretch those ligaments in a natural and gradual manner in order to enlarge the penis. If you do not believe that it is possible to stretch the ligaments through penis enlargement stretching exercises, then let me put it this way: modern medicine and ancient cultures use these techniques to elongate different parts of the body. Why would they keep doing that for years if the exercises do not work?

A lot of Burmese people use metal hoops to stretch their necks gradually, for example, and their necks can stretch up to 10 inches a year just with the use of those metal hoops as traction devices. On another note, Western medicine does the same things to stretch people's limbs when they have growing disorders. All of these body parts have various ligaments that get longer by gradual stretching exercises. It therefore makes sense that the same can be done for penile ligaments.

A lot of medical studies actually show that the penis positively responds whenever they are stretched with extender devices. If you do not want to use these devices, though, then penis enlargement stretching exercises would be a great alternative for them. The best part about these penis enlargement stretching exercises is that you will need nothing but your hands to get the gains that you have always dreamed about.

Naturally, penis enlargement stretching exercises would work best when used in tandem with penis extender devices, though. As a matter of fact, various clinical trials have reported average increases of around 30% in the length of an erect penis with the consistent use of both exercises and extender devices over a 4 to 6 month period. So, if your penis is currently 6 inches in length, then you could actually add 2 more inches to that size within a few months' time, thus offering a very powerful substitute to penile surgery.

Do not worry if you are too scared to use the devices, though. A lot of men have experienced great gains with stretching exercises alone. You just need to find the exercises that you are most comfortable with and ensure that you follow them consistently.

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It is natural for any man to feel depressed and embarrassed for having a smaller than average sized manhood to show for during sex. What makes it even worse is the fact that a smaller-sized penis is known to be more prone to causing problems in bed, especially in giving total satisfaction to your woman. Worry not though; getting a bigger sized penis is absolutely possible - here are 3 methods known to help you gain more size down there!

1. Penis Enhancement Supplements

Taking medication is always an option when it comes to making your male organ grow in physique. But instead of some hormone boosting drugs, a better choice would be for you to start taking natural supplements designed to help increase your penis size.

There are plenty of such supplements being sold in the market today, and even on the Internet. It may take you a while to start seeing any noticeable gain in size, but overall these penis enlargement supplements ARE a proven solution to your penis size woes.

2. Penis Enlargement Products

If you are looking for a relatively faster way to achieve results, using penis enlargement products such as an extender tool is definitely the way to go from here. Typically, these tools can bring about a decent increase in size within just a few short weeks of using them.

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What the extender tool does is to physically stretch your male organ bit by bit. This causes a natural reaction within your penis called "cell-splitting" where the cells divide and individually expand. Using the tool regularly will eventually result in your male organ becoming significantly larger in size than what you started off with!

3. Penis Exercises

While penis enlargement tools may work very well to help you get a bigger sized penis, they don't come cheap either. And unless you are prepared to splurge a few hundreds on an extender device, you should look at other more cost-effective methods of enhancing your penis size.

One good example is for you to learn how to perform exercises to your male organ to naturally make it grow in size. These exercises do not require you to spend on any contraption or even any medication to make them work their magic - the exercises only require the use of your hands!

Just like the extender tool, penis exercising will cause your inside cells to split and eventually get your manhood to expand in size. While you may have to sacrifice a bit more effort to do the exercises, it definitely is a much cheaper alternative!

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