This article is for e-store owners who want to be in control over their business and whose time is too precious to spend it in vain.

What if Your Store Is not That Fit?

Even if you're the lucky owner of Magento, one of the best e-store platforms, it cannot grant your website top performance without any assistance. The problem is that your site may be down without you being aware of it, meaning you lose your precious time and money. Or, imagine that your customers have troubles with page loading time. If it takes too long, it may discourage your potential buyers, who are not willing to waste time. Your security system might be cracked, resulting in data leakage to your competitors. Or your traffic might get drastically low for no obvious reason. In most cases, you understand there’s a problem, but WHAT is it?

Certainly, a webmaster can find a solution, but can you imagine how much time is needed just to locate the problem, and then fix it? Every second of this time will be wasted for your business.

Treatment for Your Store

There’s one more possible way out. You can perform your Magento store testing and find out about all the errors that might hinder its performance. This opportunity is offered by a web service Shopping Cart Diagnostics.

It can locate any cracks in your security system, monitor the configuration, perform content check-up and analyse your store SEO, as well as check your store availability at any time etc. What is more, Shopping Cart Diagnostics does not only perform the check, but also offers best solutions to all problems

The good news is that no registration or installation is required. All you have to do is to enter your store URL and wait for the results. That is, you can eliminate the problems in your store performance with a simple mouse click.

So, if there’s a way to gain ultimate control over your business and make it with minimum effort, why not try it? Check your Magento store for any errors to ensure yourself a productive and profitable business.

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Martin Wann is a Marketing Assistant at MagneticOne, an innovative software development company specializing in e-commerce software and web services.
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