How To Entice My Husband: How To Seduce Your Husband And Make Him Think It Was His Idea

If you want to know how to seduce your husband and make him think it was his idea, you are defiantly in the right place. A man likes to feel in control almost all of the time, the rare occasions when he doesn't want to feel in control are usually in the bedroom. At this point we are going to talk about what happens before the bedroom, the seduction process. I always think that the word "process" sounds a little clinical but that is just what it is, there are stages to seducing your husband which all combine into a process.

Men's brains react a lot faster to physical and optical stimulation than to verbal, an example of this would be: if you sat opposite a man and talked dirty to him and then did the same thing but sat their wearing sexy lingerie, the results would be a lot faster in the lingerie. So with this in mind, here are a few pointers which may help.

You know what the required outcome will be; you just need to know how to seduce your husband properly. If you make the seduction more about sex than seduction, you are taking a different direction. The difference here is quite simple, seduction is the art of flirting, light touching, the way you talk, the way you imply your intentions. Being over affectionate and more hands on is usually classed as being more sexual.

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How well do you know your man? Most women think that they know what turns their men on but a lot of the time the guy doesn't even know himself. This isn't to say that he doesn't know that women with short skirts and big boobs turn him on (that one's pretty obvious), but most men don't know why they get turned on by non sexual things. The reason that non sexual tings arouse a man is because of the underlying thoughts at the back of their minds.

It's so easy to play with a man, mentally as well as physically because of the reason above. This is what seduction is all about, getting him so aroused without really doing anything sexual. Go out and buy a softly scented perfume and place a little on your neck, when you get close to him the scent will linger and he won't even know why.

When he leans in to give you a kiss, raise your head up slightly and gently kiss his eyelids, this again will drive him nuts and he won't know why.

These are just a few things which will help you while you are learning how to seduce your husband.

After 12 years of marriage I have had my dry spells, but not any more. I have now learned what make my husband tick, what seduction techniques work and which ones don't.

All men are different so you need to take the time to establish a list of what works and what doesn't, this doesn't have to take as long as it sounds because after the first couple of times you will probably start discussing seduction and fantasies which will all add to the excitement.

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Being in a relationship requires a mutual dedication to its health and success. One cannot be giving and the other taking and expect it to survive and flourish. At the same time it's dangerous to live through the relationship and neglect those things each both need to improve themselves to be happy people. Both scenarios result in an imbalance that leads to resentment. If you find yourself in such a relationship where you are giving more than you're receiving, or your partner seems to be standing still while you have a desire for progress you may want to consider moving on.

While I'll be the first to encourage couples to support one another and help each other achieve their goals, there are times when one of the partners for various reasons doesn't keep evolving, remains stagnant and ultimately becomes a burden on the relationship. It is vitally important for each and every individual to perpetually be moving forward. It's is our life's purpose to keep learning and bettering ourselves. Some relationships enable non action, and remain in a rut until it's too late. The situation then becomes combustible with both partners unhappy in life and angry at each other. Every cell in your body rejuvenates every 7 years or so, so why should we expect to stay the same? We must evolve or life will present circumstances where we're forced to change, as nothing lasts forever. Be in control of your change.

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There are many people, especially in their 30's and 40's who are re-evaluating their lives. Quite often that leads to big changes as to what they want. In a healthy relationship both partners will embrace the transformation and work together to keep enthusiastic about life and keep vitality in love.

But often that isn't the case. Often there is one of the two who for the lack of their own fortitude, depression, or lack of motivation lags behind the other. Regardless of how much encouragement they get or opportunity they have, they're stuck in a rut and they have it ingrained that they are incapable of improvement. Or they may not want it. You have a tough decision to make. Your partner may make you feel guilty about your new direction. They may say that you don't have time for them anymore, or that you ignore them. They even may try and belittle your efforts and criticize your results. This is really a reflecting of them, and not of you. If you're not getting support from the 'one you love' then you have to step free to ensure that your progress in life continues.

Sometimes we take relationships for granted until one day we realize they are really eating us alive. Relationships are a partnership through life. If you're in a situation where the balance of desire and responsibility seem once sided then you should end that relationship and seek a healthier one where both involved take an equal interest in each others health, and each others improvement through life. It is too important to point out that if a person is happy, they are able to have better relationships with their partner, children, family and friends. After all we're all working toward leading happier healthier lives. It's important that those around us are doing the same.

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No relationship is flawless. And many enter into marriage believing them and their mate are infallible and inseparable, only to find out that life and its pressures has a way of test this and pushing it to the limit. So being armed with the proper information and reaction techniques can be a huge and wonderful help.

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Your faith can play a great part in finding ways as help for marriage with problems. Christian counseling uses biblical principles and application of life experiences to help couples find solution to their marital problems. However, Christian counseling not only deals with resolving marriage issues but also seek to address each individual a sense of purpose and importance.

Couples who profess the Christian faith usually seek marriage counseling from a professional Christian counselor. Christian counseling does not prevent other couples from other religions from getting such counsel. Couples who share the same religious practices and beliefs are encouraged to work out their marital strife based on their faith in God.

Why seek Christian counseling as help for marriage with problems? First, counseling can involve a third person who can give unbiased opinions about the problems existing between the spouses. A counselor can confirm or refute points coming from both sides. As a trained professional, the counselor can share the knowledge he acquired over the years as a marriage counselor or a married person as well. He can provide tips based on his experience. As a Christian counselor, he is also well versed in biblical principles applicable to marriage.

The importance of seeking Christian counseling for a troubled marriage is that it will emphasize the couples' need to turn to God as the center of their marriage. Couples can be reminded that there are three persons involved in a marriage. Both spouses and God. In Christian counseling, couples are reminded to seek God's will in every decision they make.

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To benefit from Christian marriage counseling, you and your spouse need to be humble and accept constructive feedback about your relationship. Most often, we become defensive when we hear feedback about ourselves. However, the Bible reminds us to be humble and gentle, as well as patient with each other and bear each other's burdens.

Christian counseling also reminds married couple of their love and commitment to each other and to God. You are reminded about what real love is. That love is patient, kind, finds no fault and keeps no record of wrong. Your counselor will encourage you in your belief in God to give you the strength you need to rise above the situation.

If your faith is important to you and your spouse and you desire to strengthen your marriage, Christian counseling will help you get through.

If your marriage is important to you and you want to establish a strong Christian family, seeking Christian marriage counseling is important and beneficial to you and your spouse, today.

God wants to be the center of your relationship and will surely provide help for marriage that is troubled. Get Christian counseling and get help for your troubled marriage.

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