Online sales are facing a big question, which is how to establish a competition barrier to prevent rivals adopting the same kind of marketing skills to promote products.

A survey shows that some enterprises who offered qualified services can increase adhesiveness to customers, which can simulate customers to spend more. It increased service quality to a higher level.

IBUonline is a B2B platform, which has employed staff to follow up shipment and increase customers experience when surfing the website and customers can search out products as quickly as possible.

As for e-business websites, it is worthwhile to invest more in promoting website surfing speed, which can make customers or website views happier and they are willing to make deals on such products.

Now websites pay more attention to customers’ demand, so some websites are attempting to know more about such demands through online survey. Some websites offers customized service to some important customers.

Besides customized service, IBUonline has adopted telephone marketing, email marketing. Every customer and every email will be treated seriously and carefully.

IBUonline has positioned customer service as the core value as the company culture and all the staff will attend customer service training.

So far IBUonline has helped many SMEs develop foreign trade and many China suppliers have been benefited from integrated services.

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IBU is more than an international business platform; we not only connect global buyers and suppliers, but also participate in the whole process of international trade, provide a series of practical services (off the platform) to greatly enhance the efficiency of global trade. Working with us, you can benefit from the real one-stop service for the first time.