Though there are several different types of floor covering materials in the market these days, it is the wooden floors that stand out each time. They have stood the test of fashion times, and are unparalleled when it comes to their natural feel, beauty, and warmth. However, when it comes to durability many have this incorrect concept that hardwood floors are not able to last as long as other options like porcelain tiles.

The truth is that hardwood floors can last you over a century, and would still look brand new, considering you do engage in continuous hardwood floor refinishing from time to time. There are certain details you need to cater to if you wish to attain that polished hardwood floor look.

The origins of the wood

It is necessary to know whether your wooden floor was developed with the industry standards in mind. This is because a lack of adherence to industry standards implementation in your wooden floors will impact their endurance over the course of the years. It is crucial that you ask your supplier about the country of origin, the FSC certification, and other genuine quality certifications when purchasing these wooden floors. If the wooden floors are cheap then make sure to ask why.

Is it an engineered or a solid wooden floor?

Engineered woods will provide you with stability, and consistency. Wood reacts to moisture by expanding and contracting, which can be dangerous, however that is not the case with engineered wood because it is mixed in with other materials. Solid hardwood floors are pure wood, and though they will add to the aesthetics of the house along with being durable, they are subject to physically expanding and contracting.

Ways to extend the life of your hardwood floors:

Practice hardwood floor refinishing

One of the best ways to help extend the life of your hardwood floors is to invest in hardwood floor refinishing from time to time. As soon as you see the current finishing fading, which usually takes approximately 5 years, call in the carpenters for maintenance. Instead of waiting a couple more decades for the hardwood floor to wear out, and replace it with a different one, we suggest you get hardwood floor refinishing done.

Make sure your hardwood floors are clean
Cleaning our hardwood floors is a great way to ensuring its longevity. You want to make sure that you never let any dirt, moisture, or dust settle on these wooden floors for too long. This will make the finishing look quite dull, and eventually unattractive. Confirm that all the spills are immediately wiped off so that there is no chance for it to leave a stain.

Protect the floors from the UV Light

UV light is an underestimated issue that very few people consider. The harsh light of the sun coming in from the windows will work to fade out the gorgeous finish of the floors. You will notice that your beautiful dark hardwood floor will start looking blonde quickly since the UV light hits it every day. This will require you to engage in hardwood floor refinishing more often than not. However, you can get the hardwood floor refinishing beforehand to make sure that your floor remains protected.

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