How To Extend Your Dick: Best Way To Make My Dick Bigger

Masculinity has various meanings and descriptions, but for many men, it generally focuses on the physique and the penis length. Many men have often wondered how to make their penis longer without surgery and I was one of them. But I realized that indeed, I can make my penis longer. Here are some of the ways I have found to be very effective in improving your penis size.

The physical size of your penis is perhaps the easiest indication that you can please a woman fully. But of course, you also need to have a very good erection in order to achieve this much coveted satisfaction. Other factors include sexual positions and foreplay. These factors come into play when seeking to satisfy a woman. So do o you need a bigger shaft? The answer is yes. However, you also need to ensure that you know how to fully satisfy your woman.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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An average size penis is about 6 inches and you can grow it to at least 1 to 2 inches more. You can try to make simple steps in order to lengthen the shaft, do penis exercises, take pills and put on patches and even use penis traction devices.

Here Are The Steps To Make Your Manhood Bigger

Simple steps - you can trim your pubic hair in order to reveal more of the shaft, making your penis look longer. Sometimes flab can cover your penis, so if you lose some weight, you'll also expose more of your 'hidden' length.

Penis Exercises - Jelq or milking and Kegels are only some of the more popular penis exercises. Procedures are readily available over the internet and sex shops all over. These two exercises have proven to be effective in lengthening the shaft of the penis and also enable you to control your ejaculation in order to have a longer erection and more time to please your woman.

Take Pills and Use Penis Patches - Pill and patches work on the same premise, they increase the blood flow to the penis. Just make sure you purchase products from trustworthy sources and that the products were made from natural ingredients, no chemicals or synthetic materials involved. Pills and patches have been known to be effective, that is if you use high quality products only.

You can actually lengthen your penis and reached the desired length you want, or perhaps even more. However, you do need some patience and consistency with the techniques. Men all across the globe have used them to achieve amazing results and now you too can increase your penis size.

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Penis enlargement stretches are some of the most common techniques used to enlarge a man's penis nowadays. This really isn't surprising, though, seeing as they are known to permanently strengthen and lengthen both flaccid and erect penises in no time. So, whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, you can turn to easy penis enlargement stretches to get the penis size you've always wanted - believe it.

Generally speaking, stretches are vital for any penis enlargement routine. However, they work best when used alongside jelqing and kegels for the utmost penile expansion. As time goes by, you can also start using derivatives of certain penis enlargement stretches to enhance your results and overall gains even more.

Penis enlargement stretches are definitely very beneficial, though. The most important benefit, of course, is that they can make your penis up to 3 inches longer. Naturally, this will depend on the exercises that you use, your overall skills in doing them and your course of treatment. Aside from that, these stretches can also bring about harder, stronger and more robust erections. They can also intensify your sexual pleasure and that of your partner. Plus, they can make your penis look suppler and improve your penile health at the same time.

Penis enlargement stretches driven with handmade tension can bring about significant size gains. Also, if you stick with them and do them properly and consistently, you can look forward to certain benefits after just a month, such as general lengthening of your manhood, improved firmness of your erections and better penile health overall.

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Different stretches exist for beginners, intermediate practitioners and advanced practitioners, as well. Power stretches are the ones most commonly used, though, because they can lengthen the penis, whether in its flaccid or erect state.

When done properly and safely, stretching exercises can improve the blood's circulation in the penis and force the sponge-like chambers inside to soak and keep more blood. This will increase the size of the penis through time. Naturally, results may vary from one man to the next. However, the most prominent results include length gains from 1 to 3 inches, firmer and harder erections, and a healthier and suppler penis overall.

To get all of these results, it would be best to stretch your penis on a daily basis or at least as often as you can, with only a day or two for recovery. Recovery time is absolutely necessary, though, since penile tissue and ligaments need time to heal and recuperate.

In general, these exercises should be done over extended periods of time, depending on the gains that you want to experience in the end. After a few weeks, you should notice that your manhood is longer when erect and after a few months, you should notice that it is longer even when flaccid. Your testicles will look like they hang lower, as well, thus seeming bigger, in general. Plus, stretching can also affect your sperm count and testosterone levels if done continuously. While none of these results are scientifically proven yet, unofficial documentation shows empirical proof.

If done in a proper and safe manner, doing penis enlargement stretches won't damage your manhood any way. To ensure your utmost safety as you do these exercises, it would be best to follow the instructions of your guide to a tee. If you want, you should also consult with a specialist or a doctor to make sure that you are doing everything right. Naturally, the safest routines are those that come from professional penis enlargement programs that are already tested for both effectiveness and safety, though. So, ideally, you should follow a professional one if you can.

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If you are unhappy with your penis size and want to make it longer, then the Long Schlong would be the ultimate penis lengthening exercise for you to use to get the job done. This particular article will focus on the beginner's version of this penis lengthening exercise, so that you can slowly progress as needed and properly harness its overall effectiveness.

In a nutshell, this penis lengthening exercise will focus on the suspensory ligament to lengthen your penis. This ligament will basically stop your manhood from completely extending out of your body and angle that stretch to the right and to the left. Doing this will, in turn, stretch the suspensory ligament, so that your penis will hang lower and look longer in no time.

Now, before you start this penis lengthening exercise, you have to make sure your penis isn't erect. If it is, you could unintentionally injure your manhood. So, if you have an erection, wait for it to subside first and then try to get through the entire exercise without getting sexually aroused.

Fortunately, this penis lengthening exercise is highly beneficial yet is very easy to do. To start, just form an OK sign with one of your hands. Then, grip your penis behind the head with that OK sign. After that, start pulling your manhood out through a light and gentle stretch. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds, pause for a bit and then do the stretch by pulling your penis to the right and then to the left at 10 seconds each. Keep doing this for 3 to 4 minutes for a couple of months. After that, you can start looking for a more advanced version of the exercise in order to reap the utmost benefits in the long run.

Since this particular exercise mostly involves stretching, you can look at it as a type of warm up, as well. In other words, feel free to combine it with all sorts of other penis enlargement exercises to get even more gains in time.

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While doing this exercise, you should feel some tension near the base of the penis. Do not worry about this feeling as it simply means that you are doing the exercise properly. However, if you still aren't sure whether you are doing it right, try pulling it gently at first before adding any intensity into the mix. This way, you can figure out how much tension you actually need to use during the exercise in order to get the results that you want in the end.

If your penis starts to change color or if it starts to feel cold at any point, just massage it for a little bit to increase the circulation of blood into it until it goes back to normal.

You should know the keys to making the most out of this exercise now, but please don't forget that you have to gradually intensify this technique as time goes by if you want to keep elongating your penis. This is only the beginner's version for those who are starting out in the world of penis enlargement - remember that.

Truth be told, the best and the most gains will only come out after you reach the advanced level of this exercise. So, make sure you find knowledgeable, trustworthy and experienced resources on the progressive versions of this exercise, so that you can do them in the right way and in the safest way possible to boot.

Ideally, you should look for a professional penis lengthening exercise program when it comes to this and just follow it consistently. If you do that, you should get the penile length that you want in no time.

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We all want the best for ourselves. And that includes our own body. When it comes to us men, not all of us are fortunate enough to be blessed with a generously sized penis. Thankfully, we do not have to live the rest of our life being short in size down there because there are plenty of ways in which you can gain genuine additional size to your manhood.

While you may conveniently get yourself a penile extender tool or growth enhancement supplements to help you increase your penis size, these products can cost you a lot of money. There is one alternative though - by simply doing exercises to your male organ using just your pair of hands!

Without a doubt, doing penis exercises WILL cause your male organ to naturally enlarge. Medical researchers have already studied this technique and ascertained its effectiveness. But what many men don't know are the several side benefits which you will experience out of practising the exercises on a regular basis.

What are they?

1. Exercising helps to make your erection harder and last longer

Because of the specialized stretching and massaging actions, the exercises help to promote a much better blood flow to your male organ. Improving your blood flow strengthens your penis, making it more able to achieve a harder state of erection and hold it for a significantly longer period.

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2. Exercise can help prevent and even solve premature ejaculation problems

Premature ejaculation is one serious problem that a majority of men worldwide suffer from. The root cause of this problem is mainly due to a weak set of PC muscles which is located near the base of your pelvis. By practising several simple exercise routines, you can gradually condition your PC muscle in order to give you better control over your orgasms and ejaculations, and hence last longer during sex!

3. Corrects any curvature on your penis body

A curve on the penis body not only does not look good, but also can cause several problems such as irritation, painful erections, and to some extent affect its sexual function. It's a good thing to know that exercising your male organ regularly can help develop it into a much straighter form to make it look healthier and more sexually appealing to your woman.

Learning all these wonderful benefits of doing penis exercises, you would probably be thinking of how complicated the exercise routines should be...


All of the exercising techniques are extremely easy to perform! This includes simply stretching your penis in various directions, stroking your shaft for several repetitions, and just squeezing the base of your penis body using your fingers.

In fact, it typically only takes about 30 minutes or so each morning to do all the required exercises. With that small amount of time needed, and all the amazing benefits it can bring to you, there is no reason why you should not start exercising your penis from today onwards!

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