I am sure you have been in that situation before where you found that everything is collapsing and that you are totally helpless.
Because life is full of ups and downs and because no one can hardly stay on the top for a long period of time without being knocked down at least once it makes a lot of sense to know about the things you should do when everything goes wrong.
Below are some actions you must take when you find yourself in such a situation:

1) Understand what’s going on: Because of the nature of the sudden fall many people fail to understand what’s going on and instead get locked up in an endless cycle of anxiety and fears. In order to recover from such a downtime fast you need to spend few days or weeks (depending on the nature of your problem) analyzing what happened in order to fully understand how your life was impacted.
2) You need to search for information: Before you can come up with an action plan you need to make sure that you are going to be moving in the right direction. Many people respond with quick actions that lead nowhere in such downtimes and thus remain down for longer periods. The second thing you must do in such downtimes is to keep collecting information until you become confident that one solution might work.
3) Write a plan (yes you must write it): When you write your plan on a paper you will be sending a message to your subconscious mind telling it that you are serious about achieving these goals and that there is no turning back. This will improve your mood, help you feel more in control and motivate you to work on these goals.
4) Be flexible: Even though you might be confident about a certain solution still it’s not a guarantee that it will work. You must be flexible enough to change your approach and to replace it with another whenever you find that it’s not working.
5) Get social support: During such times you will become much more emotionally sensitive and more vulnerable to different bad moods. Making sure you are getting good social support can be the most powerful thing that supports your emotions at such times.

Final words
No one has ever reached success without being knocked down at least once. The road to success might be paved with failures, rejections and hard times but in the end you will be proud of yourself that you managed to go through it even though you faced all of these problems.

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