Here are the top 5 health news stories for the week.

* How to Fat-Proof Your Life *

We asked top experts for their strategies to help you ward off weight creep -- and even shed pounds -- at tricky stages in life.

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* Stumped At The Supermarket? Your Food Label Glossary *

While cartoon characters on a cereal box can be a blinding spell that leads kids to believe a particular food actually tastes better, parents are not impervious to the food industry's marketing tactics when it comes to particular health claims.

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* Four Things You Need To Know About Addiction *

Back then the perception was that treatment was all about the strength to say "no," and that those who could not shake their addiction simply did not have the willpower; they were weak.

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* Fear of Antidepressants Keep Many From Disclosing Depression *

For a nation that seems ready to pop a pill for any ill, a new study suggests that the opposite seems true for some people with symptoms of depression, whose concerns about the side effects of antidepressants were the top reason they wouldn't disclose warning signs to their doctors.

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* Plenty of Pals and Playtime May Turn Bad Fat Into Good *

Researchers may have found a new way to put ordinary fat cells to work, changing them from lazy blobs that store our extra calories into energy-burners.

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