While working on my own self-improvement, I’ve found that it’s been quite useful to experiment.

I’ve learned ways to grow that balance out whatever’s happening in my life!

One starting exercise is to brainstorm talents, skills, abilities and how each is useful.

For a starting point, consider problems you’ve been run over by! Examine how you’ve come up with work arounds.

Reflect on skills you’ve gained from getting around, past or beyond some of life’s thorny patches you’ve experienced. Recall how you’ve grown from each experience.

People do grow from handling all the challenges of life!

I’ve found that I can gain even more from those challenges when I’m willing to take another step.

What step?

The step of helping others who are facing challenges I’ve already figured out how to manage – or that I’ve already struggled with and gotten through.

I grow from helping others.

You can grow by helping someone else who is going through what you’ve already conquered in some way.

Even if you only help a little bit, your help can matter. That’s right, you can make a difference in the life of someone else.

Especially someone who may not have had the experiences, people and resources you had to draw upon when you got through those challenges.

Maybe you can find your own little ways to help other people who are encountering things you’ve bumped into during your life. Stuff you’ve solved; stuff you’ve grown from. Because there are ways you can contribute to the world by drawing on the experiences you’ve had.

What you’ve learned can make a difference one person at a time.

You can do it informally, by paying attention to opportunities that arise daily. Or you can help more formally by volunteering in ways that use your skills.

For one example, one way I volunteer is a small form of public speaking, by doing readings for my community. Doing so stretches me and helps me grow. I practice (a lot!) and that practice helps me grow, too.

For another example, I started writing here on Self Growth. Right now, I hope I’m helping YOU in some small way…

Hey, writing started out feeling impossible. But I started a blog and I’ve consistently been writing! So, it’s become possible, day by day.

Are there ways you can think of to try something different that can balance your life even when balance is impossible? Often, I’ve found that the experience of helping others gives me that feeling of balance, of contentment, joy, peace and more.

What tiny way can you help someone?

Invest the time to consider possibilities.

Find something new to try out as an experiment.

Dare to do one little thing!

Then dare to do another. Evaluate the results.

Be prepared to do a lot of little things in the searching phase. That way you’ll give yourself time and space to find what fits in your life. Little things build momentum slowly, so expect the right fit to take a bit of time to recognize.

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