We all have days that we wake up and aren’t happy with what we see in the mirror. Some of us experience body dissatisfaction and have just learned to live with it. I know I’m not always happy with how I look. It’s hard work to get to a place where you’re neutral about it, or even better, happy and accepting of it. Here are some ways in which I work to get rid of negative thoughts about my body.

Being Grateful

It’s easy to get lost in the negative thoughts about what’s wrong with your body. We all have flaws, and it’s easy to get wrapped up in them. A helpful thing you can do to get out of that mindset is to force yourself to list some things you’re grateful for. There are great benefits to gratitude—even more than just reminding yourself that body image isn’t everything. Gratitude lifts our spirits and brightens our days.

This may sound like an argument in favor of contentment, but it isn’t. You can be happy about yourself and still want to change some things about your body, maybe lose some weight with the help of B12 HCG shots, get a new haircut, or buy some stylish clothes. It’s just important that the impulse for your chances is driven by a desire to experiment with new looks or improve your health. Instead of being driven by negative emotions alone.


Sometimes when I’m feeling down about my body, looking at art can be helpful. It’s especially helpful to look at images of people. This helps remind you that there are different kinds of people in the world—of all shapes and sizes. There isn’t one set ideal look that a body “should” have, because we are all different. Art can help us remember that.

Listen to Yourself

When I realize that I’m getting down on myself about my body, I take a time out and stop. Sometimes that might mean excusing myself away to another room or a bathroom—if I’m out with people or around people. Being alone helps you to hear yourself. Listen to your heartbeat. Listen to yourself. It can help you feel better about being in your skin. Studies have found that people are less likely to think of themselves as objects when they can hear their hearts.


Studies have shown that music can help elevate your mood, and that’s what we need when we’re feeling like we’re in a battle with our bodies. Create a playlist of songs that make you feel happy. It might not happen right away, it doesn’t always for me, but after a few songs, you’ll be singing along. It’s important to choose songs that make you feel good or lift you up.

Remind Yourself What You Like About You

If you get too focused on your looks, and you don’t like what you see, close your eyes and think of things that you do like about yourself. It can be anything. Your hair, teeth, nails, ears, or anything at all. Telling yourself what you like about yourself will change your mood. It’s not always easy, especially when you’re already on a tirade of pointing out what you don’t like, but you can always find something.

Recommit to Kindness

When I feel like I’m treating myself poorly—eating bad, not exercising enough, or anything else—I recommit to treating my body with kindness. It’s helpful to make a list of things that you can do to help with that. It can be dancing, eating what makes you feel good, laughing more often, going to places you like, seeing people you like. Craft a plan and commit to kindness. It will help you focus on what you like and not on your flaws—even the physical ones.

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