Often times in life, we interact with people we do not know and try to find a way to relate to them. Without feeling uncomfortable, how does one interact with someone else they know nothing about? How do you get the conversation started, where do you begin? Some of us are natural talkers and some of us aren’t. Some of us hold ourselves back and others push forward. How does one relate to another when the balance is not there and the conversation is not running smoothly? And, more importantly, how do you feel at ease no matter what? Meeting new people can feel stressful. Learning about others and trying to relate can feel overwhelming. But, when it comes down to it, we must all realize that people are just people. There is nothing to fear; we are all the same.

This other person you are talking with could very well be feeling and thinking the same things as you. Yet, when we first meet someone, there is always a pause, an uncomfortable silence, or simply a moment of registering this other person. We all do it. We try to sense a way to connect in a way that is meaningful or possible. Remember, this other person is simply like you. All of us are interacting on a basis of friendship, relating from a common ground, no matter what the status or level this other person may be at. We are all connected. We are all living, growing, and changing in the same way.

It becomes easier to meet new people and feel more comfortable if you can remember that everyone is the same. We all exist as one and from a place that is fairly equal. Everyone is, simply and basically, just like you. So to relate, think of what you would like to talk about or hear about in the conversation. Direct it toward your interests, because perhaps their interests match yours and you will feel more comfortable. Do not look at this other person as an obstacle, but like a friend. Open your eyes and hearts to the possibility that they belong with you, at least in that moment and in that conversation. Be open and listen to what they say, perhaps what they feel and understand is important to you as well. Most importantly, look at others with respect and feel that respect for yourself. Know that everyone is on the same level as you. We gauge each other only in our minds; the reality of meeting someone new can be different than how we have perceived it to be.

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