When self confidence is mentioned what usually comes to the mind of people is approaching the opposite sex or starting conversations with strangers and while both acts require a good amount of confidence still there is another type of confidence that is much more important that all other types.

It’s the confidence against facing life problems
It’s knowing that you can solve all the life problems you face
And it’s being sure that you can beat life instead of letting it beat you

Once you acquire that type of confidence you will become truly unstoppable because not only your mood will always be positive but also you will be sure that you will be able to face whatever life problem you ever encounter.

So how can you develop that type of confidence?
I have said earlier that self confidence is acquired when you manage to succeed in doing something that you have never done before.

Lets suppose that you never managed to get good grades but then one year you decided to do it and you manage to do it. In such a case you will feel really confident when it comes to studying but you might not yet feel confident in your other life areas.

Now what if you found out that the four life areas that interest you the most are i) studying or work ii) social life iii) relationships and iv) your health

If you managed to achieve your important goals in all of these life areas in the same time you will develop a tremendous amount of self confidence that you have never felt before.

You will start to believe that you can do almost anything in life and you will believe that you are truly unstoppable. This feeling can’t be described but it can only be felt!

I call it Total self confidence. Or self confidence in doing everything you can ever image.

Ok but how can this be done??
Theoretically this sounds really simple but how can someone achieve it in real life?
How can you beat all of your life problems all together?

Here is an action plan that if you followed you will reach that point:

1)Are you escaping? I am not only referring to people who escape to drugs or bad habits in order to forget about their unsolved problems but I am also referring to people who use less harmful escapement methods such as claiming to be busy all the time with their work in order not to face important life problems in other areas of their lives. Are you escaping? If yes then know that you should be going in the opposite direction if you care about building that level of confidence I just talked about.

2)How much time are you allocating to this problem per day? Let’s suppose that you have a problem with your social life, how many hours per day are you allocating to solve this problem? Surprisingly many people answer saying “Zero”!! How come you want to solve an important life problem without even allocating time to solve it? People focus on one or two of their major life areas while ignoring the other areas then wonder why don’t they feel confident in facing life.

3)Dedicate time even if you don’t have a plan: Right after reading the previous point something like that might have came to your mind “I don’t allocate time to solve my problems simply because I don’t know what I should do about them”. Even if you are completely clueless about what you should do still you must allocate a fixed time per day to think about this problem. Talk to a friend, brainstorm with others who have similar problems or sit in a quiet place that allows you to find creative answers. If you committed to that time slot you allocated sooner or later you will come up with an action plan to follow.

4)Fight to commit to the plan: I am not saying that life is simple or that this plan will be the magical solution to your problems. You will still have to fight and to force your way through the bad moods until you manage to see some real progress that resulted from your efforts. People who solve their problems aren’t the ones who feel good all the time but they are the ones who work on their solutions even if they were feeling really bad.

5)Acceptance can be the solution: You should never forget that acceptance can sometimes be the best solution to some problems but don’t ever fall in the acceptance trap. If you have a certain disability then certainly learning how to accept it is the right solution but if you hate the fact that you don’t have enough money then you will only be fooling yourself If you decided to accept this fact because certainly you can do something about it.

It’s not simple but it’s worth it
I am not saying that this is simple but once you do it you will understand that every bad moment you experienced along the way was a little price to pay for getting this ultimate self confidence.

The confidence towards facing life problems!

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