Are you going for a walk on the ramp in your college fashion show? Or are you simply one of those who would want to look gorgeous either for a party or an event? Or is it that you want to add some new demeanour to your looks? Applying eyelash extensions is an indomitable step that will help you! Of course, there is a lot to be discussed.

Truly, they add an extra edge that makes all the difference, but only when they are appropriately applied by a qualified professional of a reputed beauty salon. Just the opposite happens when things go wrong, or they are not applied perfectly, just because you did not visit a quality salon!

The entire episode takes an ugly turn, and that has an extremely adverse effect on the appearance. Thus, visiting a quality beauty salon in Darwin as in any other place is an absolute imperative. But prior to that, it is a MUST to know the difference between the incorrect and correct application of eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extension

Incorrect application of eyelash extensions results is a series of problems for the clients.

Signs of Imperfect Application

  • An imperfect application might at times be painful. The individual can at times even feel burning and poking sensation.
  • There are times when multiple extensions are put together and glued. It is a wrong technique, which makes the process of brushing quite painful.
  • Even after completion of the application, the glue is very much visible, and one can precisely see where the extensions are placed. At times the glue may appear like clumpy mascara, though they are much harder than mascara.
  • Faultily applied extensions appear heavier and this can be felt while blinking the eye. The normal blinking of the eyelids is affected.
  • Poor extensions or those applied in a faulty way keep on losing throughout the day, and they keep on pointing to various directions.

Signs of a Perfect Application

  • It is an absolutely painless procedure, and no discomfort is felt whatsoever.
  • The lashes are correctly isolated from each other, thus giving them a distinctive look and feel, which gels with the natural lashes seamlessly giving a combined effect to the eye as a whole.
  • A quality beautician in a reputed salone will never adhere to multiple eyelash extensions in Adelaide. At the same time, the professional will make sure there is no visible trace of the adhesive used. It will be impossible to determine where the extensions are attached to the natural lashes.
  • The lashes are incredibly light, and one will not even feel that they are there.
  • Even brushing through the extensions can be done effortlessly
  • They do not poke the eyelids, and all of them point towards the same direction, giving a uniform look and feel to the eyes!

Moral of the Story!

Hence, what is the moral of the story? It is that whenever someone visits an unlicensed beautician or a salon that is not that reputed, the individual runs the risk of experiencing all the odds that have been described above!

Hence, when it comes to visiting a salon for applying for these extensions, it has to be a reputed one, with a fair amount of experience. A run through the website of the salon and the testimonials will clear the issue to a great extent!

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a beauty salon in Darwin. The author has previously worked as a beautician. The author is also a blogger who writes on beauty tips regularly.