If you want to fill your life with pure romance, then keep your eyes ears and heart open to any and every opportunity. If your partner is stretching a sore foot, then gently rub it for them without asking if they would like it. If you are at work and have a free moment, send them a text or give them a quick call and just say something like "I love you, I just felt the urge to tell you that honey". If they are working late, surprise them with a candle lit dinner. Wake them up with a cup of coffee to start their day. Any little moment you can steal for the two of you is a romantic moment.

Romance surrounds us all. It is in the air at every possible moment whether the two of you are together or if you are apart doing your own thing. Every minute is capable of being a minute of romance in your life. All it takes is training yourself to recognize those fleeting moments, and seize them as yours for the enhancement of your relationship.

The main thing to remember is that we are creatures of habit. Good, bad or indifferent, we all have them. A habit is formed from repetitive conscious efforts over a period of time till they become natural. Understanding that single fact, we can use that knowledge to form romantic habits. But before we work on those romantic habits, we also need to make sure we don't focus on specific acts, but rather the frame of mind. If we are constantly doing the same things over and over, the romantic nature of them can become stale and even go unnoticed for what they are. Romance is not just what you do, it is also the effort and thought that goes into the actions.

So if we are to truly form romantic habits, we need to focus ourselves to being sensitive to the romantic opportunities that appear in our everyday lives. We need to keep things fresh and new and put our hearts and minds into romance. For example, if our sweetheart likes flowers, getting them flowers every day or week, becomes somewhat unexciting to the receiver, as they are expecting them. That act of romance becomes just an act of getting flowers on the way home every Friday, instead an act of love and romance. Instead, pay attention to what your partner likes and looks at. And make an effort to mix things up and at random for no reason. This keeps them guessing and even wondering what you will do next, which keeps it romantic.

I guess you can say that romance is somewhat of a game. A game that is designed to bring a smile on your partners face and makes them wonder what you are up to. This keeps the relationship exciting which is the true goal. On a side note, you should not use romantic gestures as a way of saying sorry, as it can quickly become a thought in their head that you did something wrong when you are doing something romantic for them. Not only does that make them leery of you're your actions, but it kills the romantic spirit inside of you till the habit becomes not doing anything.

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