What kind of relationship you want to find? We have spoken in the past about threesomes sites. We have spoken about open poly relationships. We have spoken about cheating. There has been talk about swingers... If you are interested in threesome, swinger, or poly, click on the appropriate link to learn more. Everything has its nuance and its particular place in a relationship. It all depends on what is right for you.

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The sidepiece is a very particular circumstance. It is different from a mistress. The mistress is a lady who knows full well that she can’t be in the wife role. She accepts the intermittent attention she gets, in exchange for certain sundry comforts of life. Long-terms threesome dating is a great choice for her, maybe she is a bisexual woman, or straight interested in a threesome. It is expected that she will move on, eventually, and take up her own life. But at this time, she just wants to find a threesome.
The sidepiece, unlike the mistress, is a lady who just gets strung along. She is never in the know about the prima donna at the center of a man’s life. She may well imagine that this position will be filled by her one day, but this is generally an illusion. The side piece, be it a male or a female, will always be at the side. The side piece will never be privy to the truth of what is really happening.
This said sidepieces can be important. They help a person get out any sexual frustration that may be located in the central relationship. This can happen a lot. A man just needs an outlet. Unfortunately, this is a shady way to do it, but there you go on a threesome site.
Sometimes the sidepiece represents freedom—the knowledge that one can still be on the hunt, can still be sexy. When a couple feels boring in marriage, a threesome is the best try to solve the problem. Maybe someone prefers to have an affair, but note doesn’t bring her into your home. The temptation may be there, but don’t do it. Even if the wife is away for a week, don’t do it. Get blow jobs in your car in a parking lot, threesome with your wife, whatever.
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