Winning the writing competition can be a game-changer in your profession. It will boost your confidence, which is vital for every writer. Apart from that, it will come with an accolade for your cover letter. That will make you marketable to publishers and add money to your wallet through the cash prize. Hence, always look for contests you can win. Listed are vital tips that will assist you in finding them.

Identify your Niche 
Join contests based on your niche. Many writing contests are limited to specific writers. The organizer might target one gender, people from a certain area, an age group, or a specific theme. Every contestant will be required to follow the instructions to qualify for participation. The best competition will have your preferred theme. That will make it easier for you to win.

Many writers love the freedom to express themselves regarding anything without limitations. When searching for a contest, they will prefer one allowing everyone to write about any topic. That explains why open competitions have numerous entries. Winning in such a case is very difficult. Thus, join contests with specific guidelines. They always have very few entries.

Entering a contest might require registration fees. After paying, you will focus on regaining the money via the top prize. However, do not enter writing competitions whose registration fee is unaffordable. That will push you into financial constraints. You will lack the peace of mind to create the winning content. Pick a competition whose entry fee is affordable for you.

Determine Your Odds 
During the search, create a list of contests that seem perfect for you. Closely assess every competition keeping in mind your odds of winning it, which can be determined by the number of entries and juror's strictness. Consider the level of competence of writers that joined them in the past. After carrying out these examinations, you will identify a less competitive contest.

Many contestants invest more effort in creating content and ignore a proper submission. Every contest has specific submission guidelines, which the participants must follow. Without the guidelines, you will not get a response from the jurors. Nobody will know the work belongs to you. To be assured of winning and getting feedback for your work, read the submission details for writing contests.

Free/Paid Contests 
Contests with many participants are very competitive. That lowers your chances of winning the top prize. Many exceptional writers participate in competitions to gain an income. Most of them target free contests because they have nothing to lose when joining it. Competing with such experts is quite hard. To lower competitiveness, take part in paid competitions.

Never join a competition whose deadline is close. It will lower your winning-chances because you will rush to create the content and make many mistakes. You will lack enough time to edit and re-edit the work. Thus, you will risk submitting low-quality entries for the writing competitions. That will make it impossible for you to win.

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Make sure you have enough time to create and edit the best piece.