Whether you are new to a city or you are unhappy with your previous dentist, if you are ready to look for a new dentist, we are here to help you. Finding a great dentist can mean you need to do your research. You may not click with one and that’s okay. Try and do your homework ahead of time instead of simply typing into Google dentists Arlington Heights IL so it betters your chances of finding a dentist that you really do like. Since going to the dentist is not typically something most people enjoy doing anything, having a dentist that you like will at least help the overall experience. Keep reading to find out how to find your perfect dentist.


One of the most important things is location. You won’t be happy going to the dentist if they are located a long drive from you. Make sure to make it easier on yourself and have a dentist close to your home or work. This will make the appointment faster for you.


Find out the hours of a couple offices in the area you are looking at. If your schedule is flexible, then this does not matter as much. If you work specific hours and it’s hard to work around them, this is important for you to notice. Some offices start earlier in the morning so you can be seen before work. Others are only open during traditional work times and can make it harder on you. Find out the exact hours so you can know if you will be able to make time work for your schedule.


One of the easiest ways to find a trustworthy dentist is to ask your friends and family. If you have people you know in the area, ask them what dentist they see and if they live them. If they give you a name, ask them why they like them so much. If they tell you another person but say they did not have a very good experience with them, ask them why not so you know who to avoid and why. If you are new to a town and don’t know many people yet that’s okay. You can always try and ask a coworker and perhaps they have been happy with a dentist right close to work. Remember, don’t make your final decision from a referral, however, they can go into your top couple and someone you call and ask additional questions too.

Online reviews

One of the best ways to learn more about a dentist is by their reviews online. People tend to be very honest online. Check out websites such as their Facebook page, Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and Google. These are the most popular review websites. If a company has primarily positive reviews, you know they may be a great company to go with. If they have a lot of negative reviews that is a business, you may want to stay away from. It’s important to not only read why people liked them but why they didn’t too. You can relate to these reasons and find out if that’s a reason you would like or not like a specific dentist.


Cost always plays a role in decision making. If you have insurance, call and verify they take your specific insurance. If you do not have insurance, call and find out if they have any discounts for paying in full, cash discounts, or anything else. If cost is a concern for you it’s always a good idea to ask. If you know you have a larger procedure you will need to be done in the next year, ask them if they have any payment plans available and exactly how they work.

Do you have children?

If you have children and you want them to go to the dentist at the same time as you, make sure you ask and find out if they see children. If it’s not a big deal for you to drop them off somewhere else, then you don’t need to worry about this. If you want everyone together, make sure you inquire about this.

Comfort level

It’s important to be comfortable at your appointment, or as comfortable as you can be. Ask the dentist if you can swing by the office and have a tour before booking an appointment. Once you have a couple dentists selected to be your final options, do a walkthrough of the office. Trust your gut and meet the dentist and a couple staff members.

Special treatment plans

If you know you need a specific treatment plan coming up, ask them if they do that specific treatment. You might as well find a dentist that can assist you with your future treatment too and not just this one cleaning or issue. Find a dentist you can rely on for it all.

Waiting time

If you need seeing the dentist for whatever reason (other than an emergency), find out how long you will need to wait to see them. If you want to see them as soon as possible, it’s important to ask this as many offices have a wait time of weeks or even months.

We hope you feel better about choosing your new dentist. Remember, it’s important to do your research and not just choosing the first dentist you find online. If you live in the location for a while, this will be your go-to person for a long time, it’s important you find someone you can trust.

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