Finding a place to go in the nighttime in NYC as a worker or student may be a tricky job. Renting a room or whole apartment in New York is really expensive, so having a roommate can be considered essential for survival in some cases. For example, two-bed apartment can cost you around 3500 USD a month. But if you split that bill in half it will be a much easier task to work, live and travel. We gathered some tips how to find a roommate in New York City. One of the following advices must help you.

Use the Internet to find roommate

1/3 of young people population (aged 18-25) in the US lives elsewhere instead of their own homes due to certain circumstances. Most common cases are:

  • Graduation from school with immediately going to work;
  • A person needs to live in NYC to attend university.

Everyone who lives in New York can choose between the following sites where you can find a roommate:

  • RoomZoom. Roommate finding application designed for 18-35 year old people who want to stay in NYC by all means without overpaying for it;
  • RoomieMatch. Platform which can help you find a roommate for a payment. The benefit of this service is absence of scammers and other people who just want to take money and get away with them. There’s also a free version with limited functionality;
  • Roomster. Site with social features like mailing with those who will probably share an apartment with you. This platform works on principles similar to previous entry in this list – can be used free with an upgrade option to gain more control;
  • Diggz. Platform with an interesting work conception – this resource works more like a dating site where you can leave a like to other people. Developers made an algorithm which decides who can be your roommate.

If you want to rent a room in NYC you may wish to use at least one of these platforms. Taking full advantage of the internet can help in searching. There are sites like Craigslist but it hides some risk behind. No one can guarantee you a safe deal, so it’s up to you – use it or not.

Traditional ways to find a roommate

If you already have some friends in NYC who live there long enough of close relatives, you can ask them about help in the process. At least one of them knows a person who can take you as a roommate or let to move in in his/her own apartment on regular payment basis. There are several advantages you get:

  • You won’t be scammed in using relatives’ or close friend’s help. You can get some kind of discount or other privileges instead;
  • Much more loyal conditions – for example, you can have some guests as visitors or even stay for a night if it’s really needed;
  • You can feel yourself free with a roommate – share a dinner, go to some even together or ask to leave an apartment for several hours.

Just keep in mind where the apartment is located. Use the help if you can be a roommate for someone on decent conditions like the distance to work or other places. Learn more about criminal situation in the neighborhood then make a decision.

Use a vacant room in apartment already rented by someone

A common way to solve the issue as it has several benefits compared to others:

  • You don’t need to pay broker’s fee which can be as high as 15% of your annual apartment budget;
  • Everything you need is already there – water, gas and internet are ready to use immediately after you move in;
  • The only upfront payment you most likely do is first month just to be sure that you can be dealt with.

Don’t forget about negatives in this situation that include complete impossibility to make some changes to internal design. Also keep in mind that you have no legal papers just in case of some situations.

Tips for those who found an apartment

If you already found an apartment with a roommate, draw virtual lines – what is allowed and what is not. For those who rent a separate room with a door lock there’s an advice – ask you landlord if you can have the key or install the lock yourself. This security measure will save your possessions from being stolen or thrashed (for example, your roommate had some guests who entered a room where you live). There’s no universal answer to a question – how to find a roommate in New York City. You must decide for yourself which is more rational way to do this.

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