So, you want to have a threesome. You have made this fantasy repeat in your mind - over and over again - until it grows into a pair of wings and must make it free. The popular little fantasies stand out from the relative security of your naughty noggin and the potential shit storm, but despite the risks, you know this is the only way.

Unicorn hunting online
Unicorns, or people (most bisexual women) sleeping with couples, sound rare and mysterious - yes, despite the huge penis angle, you can't seem to get rid of your mind, but they can be any gender. However, the most common are bisexual girls who are willing to contact a heterosexual, monogamous couple to get an unconditional three-person experience arranged in advance.

Like most niche things today, the Internet is probably the best stop for you looking for a unicorn. Set up a profile on threesome dating site or threesome app - both are for triad connections - but don't be surprised if you encounter a strange perv and remind yourself of what kind of field you are entering here. Browsing other dating sites like BiCupid, Adult Friend Finder or Find a Threesome is great, but keep in mind that the threesome is not the ultimate goal of most people.

Set up your profile
When setting up your profile, be sure to clearly tell you what you are looking for and what you are looking for, and take the time and effort to create an engaging description. Popular photos are also a good start. From the point of view of the couple, the three-person team is obviously tempting - you get the pleasure of increasing sex through the invitees - but you have to ask yourself why the third person will be interested in joining you. What exactly do you offer? Of course, except for your sexy couple appearance.

You want potential unicorns to know that you are safe and treat them well. Remind yourself that although you see the happy value of unicorns, they are also human beings, just like any other sexual act, they don't want to be used; they need to know that they will enjoy themselves as you do. Let them know that you are excited about the threesome; it will bring you courage, you won't bottle it at the last minute - the couple's mess is too common - or stop midway.

Have fun
Enjoy the fun of threesome chatting. Tempt them, shower in a praising way, spend time focusing on them, and seek pleasure. Treat them like the rare and precious people who treat them - even though they are very horny, they are not actually a magical horse. Keep the whole communication, respect their boundaries and feelings, and always ask before trying new or unexpected things. Then end the experience with warm notes and thank them for helping you turn fantasy into reality.

How to quickly join a 3 way dating?
What if you suddenly have some questions and you don't want to discuss it with the unicorn? Take the time to talk to your partner alone; there is no need to be eager to achieve, there is absolutely no pressure.

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