In 2019, there will be 1.92 billion global digital buyers around the world. E-commerce is really here to stay and this year, it's going to account for a staggering 13.7% of all retail sales worldwide!


Do you own an e-commerce store? Are you looking to get in on the action with a profitable and in-demand product that will sell, but you're not sure where to start?


Do not fear - we are here to help! Here's a closer look at the process that you should follow to find a winning e-commerce product that will boost your sales and help you to capture a part of the rapid global growth that the industry is experiencing.


Identify the Purpose of Products

Every product exists to serve a distinct and unique purpose. Think about how every product around you is intended for a specific use - if those products were not, they would just be considered trash and clutter!


It can be easy to get excited about new potential products, but you should take some time to really think about how it will be used by your customers. Spend a lot of time visualizing the product in your own life and how frequently you would use it, and what you would use it for.


This is an important test to give every product. If you put in the appropriate amount of time here, you'll find that you only sell products that resonate with your customers and you'll know that there is a market for those products.


Follow Your Personal Passion

When it comes to selling your products, it can be tempting to pursue higher profit margins and capitalize on the strongest trends. It's important, though, that you have a passion and a deep interest in the products that you are selling.


This will help you to communicate passionately about your products and really build your business around them. This genuine interest will intrigue and excite your customers - a valuable positive! If you sell products that you do not care about, you will struggle to communicate their benefits with any real passion.


If you love smartphone cases and tech, for example, you could look toward products like iPhone cases by Velvet Caviar. These are quality products that you can sell safe in the knowledge that you will delight your customers.


Keep a Close Eye On What's Trending

Any top e-commerce consultant will tell you that e-commerce moves quickly and it's only the stores that can keep pace which manage to secure success. You have to keep a close eye on the latest trends and regularly browse what's popular on the biggest online marketplaces.


If you are able to catch new trends early, you'll make your life much easier and address the needs of your customers before they even know that they have them! This can position your store in a unique way and really help you to get the advantage over your competitors: you will already know your products well and how to sell them to your customers.


Test the Market

Making a big investment in stock can be a daunting experience. You should manage this process as keenly as possible by conducting small tests to gauge the appetite for those products among your customers.


You should consider setting up small landing pages, collecting user interest and feedback, and allocating a small PPC budget to those campaigns. This will help you to judge how popular a particular product may be while also refining your marketing efforts. It's a win-win that can really help you to perform well.


We hope that these tips have helped you. E-commerce moves quickly and you'll have to constantly push yourself to succeed - choose the right products and you'll really give yourself the best chance of success!

Author's Bio: 

Michelle Aran is the CEO of Velvet Caviar, a pioneer in the e-commerce and retail space. She has built one of the most successful designer phone case brands in the world over the span of the last five years, and her skills for growth hacking are second to none, which has allowed her to create a social media empire in excess of one million followers.