It is a fact that all of us are in need to have a mobile directory. PTCL phone directory has many benefits. With the use of this directory, you can easily have an access to the entire database. By only making an entry of the telephone number, you will be able to know the address and also name of that required person. In the same way, creating a mobile number directory will also reap same kinds of advantages for you. If you want to know how to find address by mobile number in Pakistan then here at this page, we will be telling you some of the ways:

By visiting the site Charagh

You can make a visit to the site Charagh. This site acts a Mobile Directory. It will be easy for you to have a quick access of the address of your desired number. This kind of creation has been introduced for the very first time in Pakistan. When you will be entering the number then this site will be able to tell you that in which city this number has been registered. With this site, you can also get to know about the location of that number. You can also trace out the complete information that where the cell phone user is right now. Do visit this site and share us your feedback.

By using Cellsaa Tracker

You can for sure be taking help from Cellsaa Tracker. It is that kind of software that can well locate mobile and also cell number along with current location. It is by the free software that is used to get phone caller information. You just enter mobile number in this software, then it will tell you the address of that particular mobile number. This particular network service has been offered by following operators that have been working in Pakistan and they are Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone, STEL and also Warid and Zong.

So this is how to find or Trace mobile number in Pakistan! More and more developments will be made in this sector so that you can easily and smoothly know the adress of your desired number. Right now, you can take assistance from these two mediums and do stay tund with us.

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