This following article is all about the best gaming laptop under 150k in India that you can consider for your gameplay in 2022 along with the way RAM or Random-Access Memory will help you to find the right one.

When it is about finding a good gaming machine, most of the youngsters and gamers choose a laptop over a desktop or heavy-weight machines. It is because of the super portability of laptops that you won’t find in the desktops. Besides a laptop can be powered on just with a single press on the power button, while the desktops need huge machineries to get turned on. But the main drawback is the price of the gaming laptops. Being equipped with advanced specifications, most of the modern-day gaming laptops are costlier. Does that mean all the laptops for gameplay are out of budget? Honestly, no! There are tonnes of devices available in India, which are capable of loading most of your high-octane AAA games and fulfil your requirements. All you need to do is conduct research on the trending items in 2022 Indian gadget marketplace and choose the right one among those. But that would consume lots of time, so how can you make it fast? Well, with an inspection around the specs of your gaming laptop with the ideal requirements and check if it matches those. In this article, we will cover few points about RAM, one of the essential specs required in gaming to find the best gaming laptop under 150k in India.

Why should you consider checking the RAM in gaming laptops?

Before we get into the fact about the role of RAM in gaming, let’s discuss a brief about RAM. The RAM or Random-Access Memory is a volatile type of memory in the laptop that holds all the data and information of the currently used computer programs and the software applications running in the background of the laptop. When you open a program in the machine, the operating system (OS) stores it into the RAM. Then once you shut down the machine, it removes everything from that memory. Without an adequate amount of RAM, the machine won’t be able to run any of the applications without any lags or stutters.

Among all the specs, RAM is one of the important features because it stores the current data of your machine within it. And, accessing all the data from the RAM is much quicker for the system than to retrieve the individual application data from the primary storage disk. This is why, RAM is a must in gaming laptop, as it works in the same way when you are playing a high-octane game. Though the HDD or SSD of your gaming machine stores all the data and information of the games, retrieving the stored data from the storage is not strenuous. This is why, the system pulls it off from the RAM as it is much easier. Without a sufficient amount RAM, your system won’t be able to run the games.

What are the minimum RAM requirements in a gaming laptop?

Though most of the modern-day gaming laptops come with an adequate RAM perfect for loading any high-octane AAA titled games, it is required to check if the machine consists of the following RAM requirements:

• To find the best gaming laptop under 150k, it is important to check if the machine has enough RAM or not. At least an 8 GB RAM is a must to play any games in the laptop.

• Next make sure that it is expansible enough, as for playing more intense games, you may need more memory support. An 8 GB RAM expansible up to at least 16 GB is the baseline for playing AAA titled games.

• Then comes the speed of the RAM. A higher speed RAM means faster response along with improved computing experience than the RAM with comparatively lower speed. A RAM with at least 2933 MHz speed. This is ideal for a i9 core or upper generation processor.

• Usually, all the RAM we see used in the modern-day laptops are DDR type which stands for Double Data Rate. It means that they can operate twice on each clock cycle. There are many DDR types of RAMs available in 2022 Indian laptop marketplace, but the DDR4 type is the better one in performance than the DDR2 or DDR3 types.

Concluding with,

Regardless your purposes of getting a gaming laptop, checking on its specs is one of the most important tasks you need to fulfil before finalizing the purchase. It does not only help you to find the right one from the huge options available in our country, but also to find the one within a budget. Most time, we want a decent gaming laptop from a popular brand but the expense holds us back. However, if the machine matches all the minimum requirements of gaming within your budget, then you can get that machine to fulfil your gaming needs. We hope this blog post with the ideal RAM requirement will help you find the best gaming laptop under 150k.

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