When it comes to a company working like a well-oiled machine, we must take the human factor into consideration.The importance of the human resources section is increasingly on the rise, as business owners have realized it’s the employees’ mindset that will provide the optimal working conditions to put them ahead of the competition. Managing how your employees are dealing with stress, disputes and the amount of workload is not only relevant for their wellbeing and productivity, but can also give you some valuable input and help put things in perspective. There is always room for improvement, so let’s see some of the ways to boost your HR game.  

Promoting culture of dialogue

The most important aspect of any healthy relationship is communication, regardless of the nature of said relationship. Being able to openly talk about what bothers us is half of the solution. And it goes without saying that your employees won’t feel the need to bother the CEO with a personal issue or a minor dispute with a coworker. This is why it is crucial to appoint someone as a human resource manager, and create a safe space where people can be honest and open about their problems. Promoting the culture of dialogue can and will enhance your employees’ morale and boost their productivity

You can have people filling out anonymous surveys and discussing some major issues during collective meetings, but nothing can replace face to face conversations. There should be someone in your company who will be available at all times. When a person has someone to listen to them, they feel more valued and appreciated. The culture of dialogue goes hand in hand with this open door policy. There are several variables to include when deciding how to approach this, but the size of your company will largely determine the best one.


Showing empathy and that you care about the lives of your employees can only benefit you. Showing genuine interest will pay off, as well as paying attention to detail. Dealing with problems is just one side of the coin, so don’t forget to celebrate important dates and milestones. Corporate policy that includes collective birthday presents and similarly enriches the positive climate among workers. Your HR manager should keep track of such events, in order to properly show the support from your company. This will be an opportunity for people from different departments to get to know each other better as well!      

Know your needs 

The organizational structure of our company must be in accordance with your human resource needs. Bear in mind the number of your departments and employees within those, how often they cooperate etc. Before making any big picture decisions, it is highly recommended to consult with a mentor, or a person in a similar position. Whenever your teams start growing as your company expands, don’t forget to calculate that as well. This is the main starting point in deciding whether to opt for a single person to manage your human resources needs, or a whole department. It is crucial to train the personnel adequately so investing in solutions such as Enable HR offers is one way to upgrade your business operation. Experts in the area can provide you practical tools, course and training materials and some general guidelines in managing teams of people. You are not the only one dealing with such challenges, so why not learn from good practice examples and experiences of others.

Monitoring and evaluations

Most people tend to perceive human resources services as something only relevant with hiring new people and letting people go, but that is far from the truth. In order for your company to be the best version possible, your employees must be the best versions of themselves at work. Monitoring their levels of productivity is a necessity which will direct you in the ways of improvement. With the collected data, you can see potential problems in order to try and prevent them. For example if the whole department’s productivity level decreases, perhaps the workload is overwhelming and you need to address that in a meeting. 

Evaluations provided by the HR department will help you with balancing tasks and projects, as well as improve several valuable organizational skills of your employees, such as time or conflict management. It is desirable for a person in charge of regular evaluations to have high moral ground when it comes to ethics and discretion. There will be sensitive information shared, and your employees must find them trustworthy to be able to confide to. This is especially relevant in cases of effectively resolving co-worker disputes and similar issues.     


Every company is different and will need a combination of methods that will work for the specific case. Keeping track of the workflow and crunching numbers is not enough for a business to thrive. You need to constantly adapt to new circumstances and have a big picture in mind. Strategic planning only makes sense if you take proper care of all the people involved, especially their mental health. Try to be as flexible as you can, and try different approaches to find the one that works for you. Remember that sometimes it is okay to take risks, even if the only result will be a lesson learned. Your workers will use your example as an inspiration!  

Author's Bio: 

Emily is a business psychologist. Researching, exploring and writing are her favourite things to do. Besides that, she loves animals and music