A couple of months ago I had a young lady in her 20’s come to me and she was upset. Her family moved from Florida to NY and it was cold outside and she was not happy. But, she had no choice because her father found a new job in NY. And she was sad and unhappy about all of this.

So What Could She Do?

1 - She could get mad with her family and make a scene. But in the end that would not change anything.

2 - She could become very sad and become depressed. But what good would that do?

3 - She could accept what had taken place and make the best of her life as it is… but not really enjoying it.

4 - Or she could accept what had taken place and meditate and find true happiness within.

And after talking for a while she decided to learn meditation and thus become truly happy… despite what she had going on in her life.

And a month later she contacted me again and she was truly happy.

It was not that she loved the cold in NY, but she was no longer sad, no longer upset, no longer full of anger, and no longer full of turmoil.

Meditation Does Not Change Our Life

Meditation does not change our life, meditation allows us to enjoy the life we have no matter what challenges we have… and find inner joy and peace.

Our world will always change… that is the nature of the world itself.

The Great Psychologist Carl Jung said: It all depends on how you look at things, and not how they are themselves.

The Buddha said: Let your diet be spare, your wants moderate, your needs few, living modestly, with no distracting desires, you will find content.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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