Buying a new gun is a large purchase, one you want to think about first. It's definitely not something you want to go into without doing research, but sometimes just visiting a product page isn't enough. If you want to get a good recommendation, you'll want to take a look at the following sources.

Talk to Other Gun Owners

The best people to talk to are usually the people you know who already have experience with guns. If you are looking at a particular brand or model, talk to someone who already owns one of those guns to see what they think of it. Ask them about why they chose that gun over others, how it shoots, and what they use it for. Most shooters aren't too shy with their opinions, so this should give you a fair idea of how a given weapon performs.

If you can, talk to multiple gun owners about the same gun or style of gun. This will give you a wider range of experience to pull from. If you don’t know many people personally who would have the information you need, look at online forums.

Visit the Range

One of the best places to get recommendations on a gun is at your local shooting range. If you see someone who is shooting well, talk to them about what they shoot. You should be able to get a wealth of information and you might even get a chance to try out a new gun before you make a purchase. This is a great way to get good information about guns while also becoming a bigger part of your local shooting community.

Look at Comments

You might also want to check out the various pages on the website of an online gun retailer like You’ll often be able to compare information about multiple weapons and decide which would best fit you. Many sites will also have sections for visitors to ask questions with those who own the store.

If users are able to leave comments about weapons, they'll generally let you know if they've enjoyed or had problems with a specific purchase. While their comments might not mean much in a vacuum, they can give you a good idea of what you might expect from a given gun.

Check Out Youtube

Finally, you can check out a few gun enthusiasts on Youtube. Many shooters have channels dedicated to shooting or reviewing guns, and you can get a good idea of how these weapons handle by watching the reviews. While individuals reviewers definitely have preferences and biases, they can be great resources when you just want to see a little more information about a specific gun.

Always make sure to check out multiple sources when you want to learn more about a gun. Ask for recommendations in person, go to the range, and see what's out there on the internet. The more data you gather, the more informed your choice will be when you go to make a purchase.

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