I received a few queries into more information about the article '4 Reasons Why Self Improvement Activities Do Not Work; What To Do About It.' So I will elaborate more on this area. Recent questions for the most part seemed to want more explaining in the area of motivation. I noticed that I only gave a summary statement and overview in my article as to certain points and areas, usually with a simple statement or a few sentences. The problem I am noticing that wants more explaining is when I wrote that a person may not be truly motivated;. I am aware that this area is of itself needing further discourse and discussion.

What is motivation? Motivation is; causing or tending to cause motion. To incite action or determine the will, cause and incentive. The predominant idea. Unraveling,unlocking this area is of great value for enabling any kind of change. The secret is to get at the root of a persons motivation and identify where their motivation lies. In some cases the motivation is to find motivation. A person may have identified that they lack motivation and therefore must seek to find something that will motivate them. This of course is a great way to start. By identifying that there is no active motivation a person can most importantly set out to look at their values.

Following simple self questions can help. Writing this information down for oneself is a good way to bring the experience and awareness into reality. Start with Self Identity: Who am I? Write it. What do I believe about life and the world? Write it. What is important to me? Write it. What is not important to me? Write it. What do I care about? Write it. What do I like about myself? Write it. What do I not like about myself? Write it. If anything is possible what would I want changed in the world? Write it. What would I change about myself if it were possible? Write it. How would I wish others to change? Write it. What do I really care about? And this can be anything even as simple as my pet, my garden, eating healthy, my friends well being or success, my children, the third world, the health of the planet, the sporting event, my marriage, my clothes, a good nights sleep. Absolutely ANYTHING is okay and important.

Now that the basics of self identity are more apparent a person may already have become aware of things that matter to them. Here now I will explain some things about the most common of all reasons why motivation may not seem to be working. This is superficial or false motivation.

This is motivation based on outside of self influences and goals that a person truly does not care about. The key is to sift through the false reasons a person wants something and have them identify what the real reasons are that motivate them. Please be aware that a goal or objective does not have to change because it may still be desirable, yet knowing and identifying the real reasons are important for a person to identify to themselves bringing about a clearer understanding of what they want.

It is often helpful for a person to be aware that because they are being truthful to themselves about this does not mean they have to tell anyone. This often is the reason why people will try endlessly to convince themselves to believe the motivation they present to others and they forget that others need not, and sometimes best not, know the true motivation. In the real world of people and rules it is sometimes advantageous to present the motivation factors that are acceptable to whomever or whatever person or faction. A very simple example: I am motivated to earn more money, because I want the new mini van. Why? So that my family will be happier. Why? So that my wife will think I am being a good father. Why? So that my wife will love me more. Why? So that she will stay with me. Why? So that I will have someone to love who loves me. Why? So that I will not be alone. Why? I do not like to be alone. Can you see how the motivating factors break down to get at the true motivating factors? This outwardly my seem to be about getting a mini van and unfortunately sometimes people will obsess about that being their motivation when as you can see that is NOT the true motivation.

That motivating factor alone is not and cannot sustain any real control or power for the individual. It may be that they could care less about a mini van but yet that CAN still be a desirable goal along the way. It can bring about more certainty, control, and awareness for a person to identify what is truly motivating them. There are so many areas where this comes into play..

Are you changing your diet or habits because that is so important? Or are the other factors at root the real reason? So that I look better? So that I function better? So that I am healthier and can live longer? So that people will like me more? So that I will not go to jail? So that these people will let me live here? So that my family will talk with me again? So that I can get my kids back?

When a person is following some goal or venture it is important to note that it will only be as strong as the underlying ROOT MOTIVATIOON. Once that root motivation is met the need for the outward motivation disappears. In the example above, when it is discovered that the wife has revealed her belief that a mini van is NOT a key to how she feels, the van and earning more loses its power and influence. When the van is not the motivation then working to earn more money loses its priority, etc.

Here is another example of a false yet useful motivation where other factions in society come to play: A person enrolls in a shelter, lodge or addiction treatment program. It is outwardly required that they must be motivated by a desire to believe and do whatever they are told. They will comply because to exhibit other motivating factors may not get them what they truly need, which may be simply yet as important as a place to live or a place to restore themselves. Perhaps a place to win back their family, friends, or please the courts. Unfortunately they may begin to convince themselves that they are motivated by whatever motivations are acceptable to whomever it is that they are answering.

The key with areas of false motivation is only to identify what the true motivation is and know that it is not always necessary, especially when survival is at stake, to share this information. See the article 'How To Be A Survivor Not A Victim' The important element cannot be stated enough, especially for a persons clarity and sanity, is to know that the real power and strength comes from the root motivation and not necessarily the seemingly obvious motivations.

A desirable goal or objective is still worthy for a person. It is important and useful that one identify where their true motivation lies. This is where the true strength, power and influence begins. I have shown how a false motivating factor will disappear when the real motivating factor is met. Now here I will describe how the connectivity of motivating factors can be important and useful when a person is aware of them. When a person is actively conscious of how their motivations interact.

Here is an example using changing a personal diet. When I prepare my meals and acquire new eating habits I know that I am contributing to my better health. I can know that I am contributing to my motivation of looking better and feeling better. When I dress in nicer more attractive clothes I am also contributing to my diet motivation and my motivation to feel more self esteem socially. When I do regular exercise I am also contributing to my diet motivation. When I stick to my new diet I am also affecting my motivation to become more socially active. When I socialize I am also affecting my diet motivation. When I go to a haircut or beauty salon I am also contributing to my diet motivation, my self-esteem motivation, my social motivation.

Perhaps when my health needs and social means are met then my motivation to diet becomes less important since these were the root motivation to diet in the first place. So it can be important to be aware that motivation can overlap and interact.

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G.Thomas was educated at the University of Toronto and has experienced involvement in many belief system practices throughout the years. He has worked as an English Tutor and Counselor. He has experience working in the Health Food Retail industry and has read extensively about nutritional supplements and diet. G.Thomas is well versed in practical philosophies and writings. He has had experience in studying metaphysics, epistemology, objectivism, Christianity, Scientology, Zen Buddhism, Atheism, Montessori Method of schooling, 12-Step Programs, Addiction Rehabilitation, Martial Arts and Constructive Living (D.K.Reynolds.) His sociological study continues and the website Grasping Thoughts is concerned with Mindful Self Improvement Practices and Beliefs. He presently resides in Ontario,Canada and continues with writing pursuits and sociological studies. Have a quick read if you will, my site. Regards, G.Thomas