In order to find out an outage of Comcast phone, TV or Internet service, you need to check the smartphone apps and the website of Comcast. You may also require to check the menu on the cable box. You can either contact Comcast through online or via phone or text and go through the social media to check for any Comcast outage reports from other people.

Check the App

The company says that it will inform regarding any service outage to its Android and iPhone "Xfinity My Account" applications. If there is any notification about a service outage, then it will be displayed when you sign in to the app, and you will be able to select it to obtain more information.

Check the Web

You should also check the website of Comcast for any outage information. Comcast says that it will inform you about the service outage as soon as you sign in to its website with your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Check the Box

Some of the Comcast cable boxes may also display the information about the known service outages.

For the newer cable box running on the “X1 Entertainment Operating System” of the Comcast, an alert message for any service outage in your area would show up as soon as you open the app of "Xfinity My Account."

In case you own a box, which is running on any other operating system, you may use its menu to check for any Comcast TV outage by following some simple steps as given below:

Step 1.
Press the “Menu” button on the cable remote control.

Step 2.
Use the arrow keys of your remote to select “iTV” on the menu screen and then, press “OK” on the remote.

Step 3.
With the help of the arrow keys of your remote, select “Self Help” and then, press “OK” on your remote.

Step 4.
Now, by using the arrow keys of your remote, select “My Services”. The screen will then show any issue with your Comcast Internet, TV or voice services.

Send a Text to Comcast

Type the word “OUT” and send it to the special number – 2xxxx8 to obtain a reply, notifying whether there is any service outage in your area or not. However, for this short-code to work, your phone number should be “on file” with the Comcast.

Chat with or Call Comcast

If you are facing problems and do not detect any reported service outage, or in case you wish to talk to a Comcast representative in person, then contact Comcast through the live online chat portal of the company or via phone by dialling the 24 hour Comcast customer service phone number “1-xxx-COMCAST.”

Check the Social Media

If you do not find any report of a service outage on the website or app of Comcast, but you think that there may be any glitch the company has not yet identified, then you may also observe what the other customers of Comcast are saying online.

When you search for "Comcast" on “Twitter,” it often brings you up several live Comcast service outage reports from its other users. Comcast customers also discuss service-related issues on the official web forum of the company and also in the posts on the Facebook page of the Comcast.

The “Downdetector” website also gathers reports of service outages and problems for different telecommunications companies, including Comcast and displays them at a common map, so that you can easily check there whether other people in your area are also facing the problems.

You can sometimes face certain technical issues with your Comcast services, but with the quick assistance of experienced and certified technical professionals, you may quickly get rid of any type of Comcast outage issues. Call Comcast customer service which is 24x7 ready to assist you to resolve all your outage issues with Comcast.

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