In order to find peace, we do not need to escape the moment we are in. We may think that we must have things be a certain way in order to feel peaceful. We may believe peace can only be found during certain types of moments. This is not true. All moments can provide peace to us if we can be with them and allow ourselves to relax. Take this for example, you are driving in your car, anxious to get somewhere, your mind is busy, your body is tense. Is this peaceful? Add to this the traffic jam you just got stuck in. Anxiety builds, tension escalates, and you feel trapped. You may even be thinking to yourself, I can't wait to get home and relax; I can't wait till this day is over so I can unwind.

Well you have that space right there in the car, at that very moment, to let go and relax. Yes, you are in traffic. Yes, you may feel too preoccupied to take advantage of it, but it is these kinds of moments that we overlook all day. Moments that provide peace if we choose to relax in them. In this case, the space in the car can be tranquil if we let it, if we choose to quiet our mind for the duration of the trip. If we stop racing through our thoughts, the very thoughts that are causing our anxiety, and let our mind relax. Just this small step allows us to release tension if we quiet our mind, relax our emotions, stop projecting ourselves into our future, and take advantage of the moment we have which is a moment to ourselves, with peace available if we choose to act upon it.

We may think we must be in a certain state or a certain environment in order to relax and be at peace, but if we see life in this way, those moments or relaxation are not there when we need them. If we do not act upon the moments we have to alleviate stress, it will only build. If we do not relish in moments where peace is available, then peace itself will not find us. If we think we can only be at peace when we deem the moment right, we may be waiting for a long time. Think about the type of moment you see as peaceful, how often does this occur? Is it in your usual daily routine? If not, perhaps you need to look at your routine or your day in a different way. Stop assuming peace can only be found or felt in accordance to your idea of it. Peace is a way of being, attainable in all moments great or small. It is up to you to use them and let yourself relax.

Far too often we ignore the possibilities where we can because we are too wrapped up in our day. Opportunities to relax are there all day long; it just depends on how you look at your day. It could be a lull in your office work where you could close your eyes, breath deeply, and let yourself relax, if only for a few moments. A conscious effort on your part to release tension and relax can do wonders for your state of being and for the rest of your day. Even when we are confronted with what seems like a hard or overwhelming day, there are times when you can choose to let go and relax.

We must understand that peace is attainable. We can begin by quieting our thoughts, letting our mind relax so that we can relax. And then letting go of tension in our bodies through breathing and physically relaxing our muscles. When we focus on a peaceful way of being, it happens. When we let go of the idea that we can only feel at peace when the situation is right, it can happen at any moment. For in truth, in every moment there is a choice as to how we perceive it and live it. We can live in a peaceful state of being by enjoying life and constantly letting go of the tension we may be holding onto and by giving ourselves the space to relax. If only for a moment, with only 5 seconds of an empty mind, relaxed body, and the intention to be at peace, we can find it. Peace lives with us when we choose to see all moments as possibilities of being so.

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