Over the years, dating has become more complicated than it was before. Traditionally, all you had to do is approach someone in a public or social setting and ask them out.

However, with social media and the internet, dating has become less straightforward. Online dating platforms seek to ease the burden. They not only help you meet someone special, but they also help you link up with people from different parts of the world.

How can I meet someone in another country?

Traditionally, if you wanted to meet someone in another country, you would have to visit the country. However, nowadays, you can effortlessly meet someone in another country through international dating sites.

The best international dating sites- what to consider?

The internet is packed with a wide range of international dating sites to meet someone in another country. When choosing the best one, it would help if you considered the factors below:


One of the primary factors that you must consider is the features available on the site. Note that dating sites usually offer varying features. This means that some features on one dating site may differ from others on a similar platform. Most of these features, like communication tools, are designed to make it easy for members to use the platform and enjoy the most benefits.
Therefore, when choosing the best international dating site, it would be wise to research the features offered by the platform and how they can improve your experience.


Another significant factor to consider is the safety and security of the dating site. You must ensure that the platform is safe and protected. The last thing you want is to run into scammers instead of meeting someone to bond and interact with. You can find out the safety of the site by reading their safety regulations and researching its reputation.


It would also be wise if you looked into the reputation of the dating site. In this case, it would help if you read what clients have to say about the platform on trusted review sites. Most of the time, the reviews will give you an unbiased view of the site than the website itself.

Ease of use

Additionally, the comfort with which you can use the platform is also something worth considering. It is always wise to go for a platform that is easy to use and has a simple website design.

How to identify scammers on foreign dating sites

One of the most common issues with foreign dating sites is the presence of scammers. Somehow, regardless of the measures put forth to prevent scamming and fake profiles, some scammers always find their way on the platform. When this happens, it becomes your responsibility to identify these scammers. Below are tips on how you can do this;

Look out for people insisting on talking off of the dating site

One of the typical scammer behaviors on online dating platforms. They often insist on communicating with the dating service. For instance, they will ask for your number or email so that they can converse elsewhere.

Be wary of people asking for your personal information

Another typical scammer behavior is people asking for personal information like your physical address. Most of the time, these people are usually not foreigners but living within your country and using a fake profile to pray for their scamming victims.

Look out for people with exaggerated attributes on their profiles

More often than not, scammers want to look perfect on paper. Therefore, they usually exaggerate their attributes on their profiles. For instance, the person will have a high income, be attractive, feature the perfect height, no political persuasion, and highly successful career. They do this to ensure that they attract as many people as possible.

Other ways you can identify scammers on online dating platforms is by;

• Checking their photos for duplicates
• Looking for inconsistencies in their conversations or messages
• Asking to communicate via video or voice chat

How do you spot a fake dating profile?

Most scammers usually use fake dating profiles. Sometimes, they pretend to be from a country that they are not or gender that they are not. Below are ways through which you can identify a fake dating profile on international dating sites;

Empty sections on their profile

Most fake profiles usually have empty sections. People who want to meet someone will put effort and time into making their profile perfect. Therefore, any profile with empty sections should raise eyebrows.

The use of only one photo

Another easy way to spot a fake profile is the use of only one photo. Genuine profiles usually feature a couple of uploads aimed at attracting other users. However, scammers often use a single photo, often a headshot or s stock photo.

Generic profile

Scammers often do not spend a lot of time creating their profiles or writing messages. Therefore, they use generic messages and profile information.

How long should you stay on an international dating site?

There is no limit to how long you should stay on an international dating site. However, if you haven’t made a connection with anyone after three months or more, it is a clear indication that you should try another platform.

If you are lucky enough to meet someone special within the first three months, you can choose whether to stay or leave depending on how the relationship goes. It won’t make sense to remain in a dating platform for years if it is not working for you, especially if you have to pay hefty subscription costs.

Which is the best international dating site?

The best dating site is one that is safe, reputable, easy to use, cost-efficient, and one with advanced features to provide an impeccable user experience. Examples of sites that offer all the elements mentioned above include;

• Loveme.com
• Match.com
• Elite singles
• Zoosk
• eharmony

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Putting it together

International dating sites are the perfect place to meet people from different parts of the world and get into romantic relationships, potentially leading to marriage. Choosing the best international dating platform would help if you considered elements like its reputation, features, safety, and ease of use. It is also worth mentioning that some of these sites feature scammers and fake profiles. Therefore, you must be on the lookout for these fake profiles and scammers.

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Krystyna, a guest speaker at the iDate conference, loves to share her know-how and experience in the field of international dating and intercultural relaionships. Krystyna is from Ukraine and is a passionate International dating blogger and author. She has been living in Malta with her family for 3 years, has been married to a German man for 8 years and has 2 sons.